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Lisa Marie Crosby

Lisa Marie CrosbyLisa Marie Crosby was born and raised in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She began formal watercolor painting at age 8 and oil painting at 16. Lisa continued her training at Brigham Young University where she earned her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis of drawing and painting in 2008.

Lisa continues to paint at her in-home studio in Southern Utah where she is married with four young children. She invites her children to engage with her paintings by allowing them to paint right on them with her. She receives inspiration from the landscape of life and mother earth combined. Lisa loves to travel, wake surf, and spend time with loved ones.

Artist Statement
I paint because I find that when I don’t paint, my life is lacking one of the core needs—to create. Painting is where I sort through reality and experience, a place where life can become extraordinary. I paint because I feel there is something to be gained from human-to-human expression and emotion. This is important within my paintings as well as the connection I hope to make with viewers. I am passionate about humans’ interactions, responses, and connections to their environment (Earth) and with each other. While exploring a specific memory, landscape, or relationship, I layer images of figures, raw paint processes, glazes and fields of color. I may also handwrite messages or thoughts about my subject on the layers of paint. Using details from my environment, I find structure in geometry and the landscape. As wild and unruly as landscapes and cityscapes are, each is governed by specific systems that create order. I see a parallel in human interactions as well. Concepts of property, personal space, and power that humans impose on their environment, and with one another, contrast the organic quality of earth, emotion, and impulse. The majestic balance I see in Mother Nature as well as human nature is something I strive to find through painting. In my studio, I work on a minimum of three paintings at once. Each piece serves as a catalyst for another as I literally stamp various panels together so they can connect and become changed. As I move between paintings, I draw, drip, layer, write, delete, and mix oil painting mediums. I have always loved to observe watercolor pigments mix with water, and I am equally fascinated with oil paint. I watch the chemicals mix, and then determine where to intervene and take control of the chaos.




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