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Lisa Marie Crosby

Lisa Marie CrosbyLisa Marie Crosby was born and raised in Salt Lake City in 1985. She began formal watercolor painting lessons at the age of 8 years old and oil painting at age 16. At age 18, Lisa started her training at BYU where she began her studio art major as a freshman. Lisa earned her BFA in Studio with an emphasis of drawing and painting in 2008. She continues to paint in her studio in American Fork, Utah where she is married with two young children. Lisa spends her time painting, mothering, and traveling with her family where she receives much of her inspiration for her work.

Artist Statement

Painting is a part of life that has to exist with me. It is where I sort through reality and experience, a place where life can become beautiful, regardless of the circumstances. As I enter the studio, I often gain inspiration from the landscape and cities that I see or have experienced through traveling. I am intrigued with people and their relationship to land, color, form, as well as to one another. While the majority of my paintings are abstract, I use landscape, portraiture, writing, and drawing through many layers of color and process. I play between concepts of intuition and preparation, spontaneity and order, structure and chaos, texture and color all while I get lost in the physicality of the paint and it’s properties. I often find that the paintings go through a refining transformation from representational structure, emotional response, play and control. The process of creating these paintings involves drawing, writing, layering, sanding, glazing, transferring, stamping, with many different kinds of tools. Each painting is an authentic representation of experience and memory with the landscape as my backdrop and source of structure. I see painting as a mode of connecting to people. My fascinations with the subtleties of my environment, details of the landscapes I see, as well as intricacies of people and relationships, inform my paintings.


Artist Images

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