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Justin Taylor creates a drawing for Scotty Cranmer

There’s so much junk on the internet, you begin to wonder why we spend so much time there, but then you come across something like this: on Thursday, Utah County artist Justin Taylor posted a video he created about BMX freestyler Scotty Cranmer, who suffered a life-altering accident in 2016, and the drawing Taylor created when he learned his story. Sure, it’s a bit directed toward a younger, non-art audience (say, the teenage BMX fan), but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

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  1. Thank you. I saw a program of your life as an artist and family on KBYU. How inspiring and humbling. Amazing to me to see such an expression of ones talents. Again, thank you for agreeing to allow a cameo of a such an interesting Inspiring family and artist’s life

  2. I am neither young, nor did I even know what BMX was, but this video is very cool, indeed. Not to mention thought-provoking, touching, artful, inspiring, all the stuff that should be in a 15 Bytes piece. Thank you, Justin Taylor, and also to Shawn Rossiter for spending way too much time on the Internet and spotting this.

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