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John Hess Video Interview

John Hess is one of Utah’s best-known fiber artists. Currently featured in two fiber-art group exhibits (see below), the artist is also preparing two works of public art for installation in the month of April. In our video interview the artist discusses his influences, working method and the power of pattern.


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  1. I love and miss watching John speak. He has such beautiful hands and I love the way he talks with them. I can say he is one of the most patient people I have ever met. In this day of instant gratification, he is a quiet, solid rock amid the chaos. I can say that I was one of his students who did not have what it takes to stay with the process from beginning to end. It’s a time consuming, soul searching, slow, mirroring process that was just too intense on many levels for me. John is a saint for sticking with it all these years and he is a mega talent. His work is stunning. I learned a lot from John and perhaps he’ll read this review. If so….thank you.

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