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Edward Burtynsky: The Industrial Sublime

Edward Burtynsky: The Industrial Sublime

“. . . In Edward Burtynky: The Industrial Sublime,  we encounter the themes that have gained Burtynsky international acclaim: he is able to create beautifully-shot, exquisitely-posed compositions which draw us in to landscapes that humans have overpopulated, damaged, scarred, and in some cases, left for ruin. And, although many of his photographs lack a human presence, when included, the artful juxtaposition of people within the land presents us with intensified issues of scale. The much vaster industrial landscape is often poised to consume humans, growing much larger in size and urgency than his human subjects seem able to comprehend. Welcome to the themes of the industrial sublime . . . ”

Read the full review in the September 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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