City Weekly’s Artys

The Salt Lake City Weekly’s Artys awards were announced in this week’s edition of the magazine. In case some of you don’t have access to the publication, here are the awards in the visual arts:


Trent Call–Best Painter

Shawn Porter–Best Mixed Media

Cat Palmer — Best Photographer


Trent Alvey–Best Artist with Staying Power

Olivia Glascock–Best Departing Artist

Salt Lake Art Center — Best Attempt to Define Art

Edie Roberson–Best Childhood Dream

Mestizo — Best New Gallery/ Coffee Hub

Jared Gillet — Best Promising Artist

Paul Heath — Best Eye for Utah Nostalgia

Andrew Callis–Best Painting Process Revealed

Erin and Nick Potter–Best Partners in Art

337 Project — Best Next Step

Ken Sanders — Best Place to Hang Art and/or Hang Out

Utah Musuem of Fine Arts — Best Sight for Sore Eyes

Cein Watson — Best Controlled Chaos

The Visual Art Institute — Best Early Immersion Art Program

Sego Art Institute — Best New Big/Small Art Spot

To check out all the ARtys go to

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