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Brian Stucki

“Tenors are seen as being a little neurotic,” explains singer (and tenor) Brian Stucki, “and I think it’s because it’s a high wire act. The demands on the tenor are greater than the demands on just about any other part. The big notes are a big deal and people wait for them.” Music editor Laura Durham unravels the weave of an opera star’s life and finds everything from cellos to children contribute to the tapestry.

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  1. I appreciated the depth of this article. Thanks for an insightful glimpse into the life of one of our professional performing artists.

  2. Thank you, Laura, for this wonderful moment. I share with Brian Stucki his regard for the cello, and I think “voice” is the key to this man. The cello has the great instrumental voice, as the tenor has the great human voice. You don’t stop with bringing forth his music, though: his thoughts on how he can live well by living here and still have a career in the world at large are most welcome, as is your portrait of a loving and lovely man. In a world where artists are expected to live messy lives and hurt others, Stucki’s life is as inspiring as his art.

  3. Great article, Laura! I got a really nice sense of who this man is, and it was a pleasure to read an article about someone from the performing arts. I love the part about creating art and then cleaning up kid puke — been there, done that!

  4. I have been wondering what happened to Brian, so thanks for the write-up, Laura. Back in our undergrad days I knew him as the guy who played his cello at Massimiliano’s place until the wee hours, who also happened to sing in Concert Choir with me. When Massimiliano and Brian performed and released their CD of Rachmaninov songs set for cello and piano, I got them both to autograph my CD booklet just for fun. After that, I mostly lost track of Brian until I recently saw that he was doing solo vocal work with Utah Opera. It was a surprise to me because I naturally assumed he was destined for a career playing cello. It’s nice to get the full scoop on what he’s doing now. And to think that he’s living just a short bike ride away from me (well, when he’s home!).

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