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Beth Krensky

“Beth Krensky has been creating art ever since she could walk. Her work as a child was performative – creating footprint circles in the mud, or walking the line between the waves of the ocean and the sand. Little did she know that she would always be at home in this in-between space. Her work defies traditional categorization. Is she an artist, educator, scholar, activist or ethnographer? “No one knows where to put me, so I get to sort of dance in that in-between space. . . . It’s so comfortable for me to be in that indefinable space,” she says . . .

Read the profile in the May 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.


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  1. I met Beth Krensky last year at the U. She was by far the single bright shining star in light of some bitter dark experiences I have endured as an art educator now living in Utah. Also from Boston, sharing some intuitive sesnsibilities, I can honestly sympathsize with Beth’s formative findings and delight in her aspirations as an educator. If I were to stay here, Beth would surely be a guiding post.
    As luck has it, her stature is well deserving, and I am pleased her work is regarded highly.

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