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Annalee Wood

Annalee Wood grew up in Kaysville, Utah with an idyllic childhood filled with lots of traveling and museum-going. From a young age she knew she wanted to be an artist, and took every class possible to work towards that goal. She received a BFA in Painting/Drawing, and minor in English literature from The University of Utah, studying under such greats as John Erickson. A semester spent in London and three years living in Washington, DC really solidified her love of art and art history.

Annalee taught Painting, Drawing and English at Clearfield High School for three years, and recently quit to spend more time with her children and to pursue her painting talents. She currently lives back in her hometown of Kaysville, Utah with her husband Randy, and two small children Virginia, and George.

Artist Statement
I make art about beauty, love, and human experiences that I have found to be true. My art especially changed as I became a mother. I realized, after having my two children, that there were personal angels guiding me and coming to my aid. A quote by Maya Angelou from her poem “Our Grandmothers” has become a personal motto. It reads, “I go forth alone, and stand as ten thousand.” I have been exploring this idea in my work, trying to portray both mine, and others’ “ten thousand.” I use vibrant color (or the absence of color), as well as metal leaf, and printmaking techniques to explore these ideas.



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