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Aaron Ashcraft at Finch Lane Gallery


Watching art and life come together in a way that seems nothing short of naturally organic is one of the joys of being an art critic. Aaron Ashcraft, whose works are on exhibit at Finch Lane’s West Gallery this month, brings his craft to full life-like fruition with ceramic work that speaks as if ideologically voiced in the vocabulary of the tradition of historic sculpture, yet formed in a manner that melds this tradition with the fibrous being of nature, not as we know it, but as history once found it, with its own temporality and its own geology.  His work speaks its own language, calling from another time and another place, haunting and distant, yet brought very present by the hands and spirit of Ashcraft.

Read Ehren Clark’s review in the September 2013 edition of 15 Bytes.

Ehren Clark studied art history at both the University of Utah and the University of Reading in the UK. He is now a professional writer living in Salt Lake City.

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