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This week the Board of Directors of Artists of Utah juried the upcoming 35×35 exhibition, which will open at Finch Lane Gallery September 18. 35×35 features thirty-five Utah artists under the age of thirty-five. Here’s the list:

Cris Baczek
Myranda Bair
Ashley Knudsen Baker
Joey Behrens
Cameron Bentley
Erin Berrett
Namon Bills
Linnie Brown
Aaron Bushnell
Van Chu
Chad Crane
Blue Critchfield
Edward Curry
Brody Froelich
Paris Gerrard
Matt Glass
Ben Hammond
Michael Handley
Erica Houston
Zane Lancaster
Loggins Merrill
Travis Nikolai
Joe Norman
Mallory Qualls
Hadley Rampton
Woody Shepherd
Matt Shurtleff
Steven Stradley
Corey Strange
Jen Suflita
Chad Tolley
Joshua Toone
Mary Toscano
Justin Wheatley
Cristin Zimmer

UTAH’S ART MAGAZINE SINCE 2001, 15 Bytes is published by Artists of Utah, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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