Utah Artists – W

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter W.

Clay Wagstaff

  Clay Wagstaff is a landscape painter of Southern Utah. His paintings of monumental aged poplar trees suggest the presence of early Utah Pioneers.  

Rebecca Wagstaff

Rebecca Wagstaff paints mainly still life. Subject matter and inspiration are derived mainly from the place she lives and the objects and creatures that capture her eye and affection.

Jared Walker

Jared Walker is a graduate of the University of Utah and resident of Salt Lake City. His paintings explore tensions within mainstream American culture. Links https://www.agalleryonline.com/walker-jared

Samuel Walker

Sam Walker enjoys exploring all types of art including painting, woodworking, drawing, and printmaking. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Brigham Young University. When he isn’t making art or teaching art he likes to spend his time with wife, baby boy and their […]

Emily Wall

  Artist Statement As an artist I strive to capture the familiar with just enough nuances to make it worth exploring. I’m continuously searching for, or creating, the unexpected. The complexities in our everyday lives are worth exploring, whether to understand them or work through them. I am […]

Andrea Wall

“I create pottery in order to understand the world around me to the fullest. I use it to capture moments in time, feelings, experiences, and images that I want to immortalize. I study ancient forms of pottery, drawing inspiration into the vessels I create, the carvings I etch […]

Elizabeth Walsh

Elizabeth Walsh was born in Casper, Wyoming and has spent many years exploring the Rocky Mountains. Raised with an appreciation for nature, her desire for adventure encouraged her to leave her home and travel around the world. Elizabeth set off to look for inspiration abroad in Colombia, Germany, […]

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang is a Salt Lake City-based conceptual photographer, sculptor, and new media artist. He is currently working on his BFA in photography with a minor in sculpture
at the University of Utah.

Adam Watkins

Adam Watkins was born on Nov 2, 1981 in Layton Utah. After receiving his associates degree in 2009 he graduated Art Cum-Luade with a BFA from the University of Utah in the spring of 2012. In the fall of that same year he was invited back to the […]

Justin Watson

Justin Watson (b. 1984) received his MFA from the University of Utah in Sculpture Intermedia (2016). Watson uses multimedia installations and digital processing as a platform for iconoclasm, appropriation, and systems design to investigate power and identity as transmitted through new media technologies. Watson has shown extensively throughout […]

Jeane Weigel

Jeane Weigel has been drawn to painting people throughout her career. Living in Utah is shifting her inspiration and focus to that of the canyon lands and desert.

Justin Wheatley

Justin Wheatley graduated with a BFA from Utah State University in 2006. He currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two children. Justin is represented by CODA Gallery in Park City, and Evergreen Gallery in Salt Lake City. Artist Statement To everything there is a […]

Diane Whitehead

Diane Whitehead lives to paint in Park City Utah. She is self taught with a style that is bold and ever-changing.  

Roger Whiting

In my first semester at Rhode Island School of Design, I took an art education course. After doing a site visit to watch a middle-school teacher instruct her class, I had an idea to make a mural with her students. I returned on his own time to create […]

Sri Whipple

Sri Whipple is an American visual artist, born in Los Angeles and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his education from the University of Utah, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000. He is currently based in Salt Lake City, with his wife […]