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READ LOCAL First: Alex Caldiero

Alex CaldieroSUNDAY BLOG READ is your glimpse into the working minds and hearts of Utah’s literary writers. Each month, 15 Bytes offers works-in-progress and / or recently published work by some of the state’s most celebrated and promising writers of fiction, poetry, literary non-fiction and memoir.

Today, 15 Bytes features Orem-based Alex Caldiero, performance poet and “sonosopher,” a practitioner of a unique hybrid of sound, poetry, and philosophy. Caldiero recalls in verse his emerging passion for performance and for the sensual liturgical marriage of physical space—the church or temple proper—with bodily space.  In our selection today, we’ve included a sampling of works recently published in his volume Some Love (Signature Books).

Sunday Blog Read continues to accrue a distinguished group of established and emerging Utah writers for your review and enjoyment.

So curl up with your favorite cup of joe and enjoy the work of Alex!


Between wishful thinking and clear perception

there is a gulf

that resembles the mouth of all the women

you will never kiss.

9:16 a.m., 29 Aug 94



If (and only if) there is such a thing as

communication at a distance thru the

intervention of no medium save thought

itself by the mind fixed on its projection

toward its object by no rational or obvious

or known method other than the force that

impels or propels it as it were out across

and thru or translates it to the air, borne as

if on wind or wing to its destination by no

other means or conductor than the desire of

the projector who is both feeler and means

for it to spell the message of my heart to the

inner ear of she who is far both in thought

and place and by now out of mind except

for some chance recollection randomized

among life’s various objects to take heed

and let enter as thought and yearning.

3:11 a.m., 27 Apr 95



for the nipple told me everything

I ever wanted to know.

7 Nov 96


I bring my

hand up

and across

and caress

your face.


I’ve traversed

an ocean,

traveled from

one planet to another.


All the while

beside you,

an impossible

arm’s length


2 May 97





If she calls within the hour

it means she will leave me.


If she comes to hear me

it means she still cares.


If she wears the black dress

it means she will make love with me.


If she strokes her hair

it means she has changed her mind.


I work out elaborate systems

of signs and significations


to explain her behaviors

toward me.


It’s the only way I can

make sense of this relationship


to sustain me for those times

that it doesnt make sense.


I look for these signs

because at times they makes sense.

22 June 97



Dont make a martyr of your

self for the sake of having people

stop and stare at your stigmata.


Even tho it’s only paint, they

come up real close to poke

their fingers in the wounds.

7 Oct 97



All poems used with permission of Signature Books.


Some-loveAlex Caldiero is Poet in Residence at Utah Valley University in Orem. One of his students described him as “a weird cat, but someone who loves what he teaches.” He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Utah Performing Arts Tour and awards from the Association for Mormon Letters and Salt Lake City mayor’s office. You can watch Caldiero perform here.

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