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If You Really Wanted to Get Me Something … Jennifer Rasmusson & Erin Margot

If You Really Wanted to Get Me Something: Our writers works hard all year and as the holidays roll around we thought we’d give them a chance to let you know what kind of gift they might like. That is, if you wanted to get the something. Some may not come right out and say it’s for them, but if you read between the lines, you’ll get the idea. And artists who are friends of our writers, please note, we restricted them to just a couple of suggestions, so don’t go disinviting them from your holiday party just because you didn’t make the list.

Jennifer Ramsusson, “Corresponding Echo,” oil on canvas, 48×60 in.

If recent weather is any indication, I don’t think we’ll have to dream of a white Christmas. Bing Crosby’s wishes will likely be a reality for Utah residents. While I love the winter wonderland, I have to admit the icy forecast has me dreaming of spring florals. With that being said, what I want for Christmas is some unique floral works by local artists.

Jennifer Rasmusson was just featured in her newest solo exhibition at ‘A’ Gallery in Salt Lake City. Petals Interpreted is her latest examination of Utah’s blooms. She has deviated from her typical style to experiment with a more abstract approach to the blossoms. Her interpretation of petals is unique and refreshing.

Stained glass artist Erin Margot makes it possible to hold onto warmer months all year long with her stunning window hangings. Though she has various designs to offer she tends to favor soft florals. Such as this lovely snow peony she will be featuring at this years’ Craft Lake City Holiday Market.

Stained glass by Erin Margot

Both of these peony works would be lovely under the tree for your loved one, or your favorite 15 Bytes writer.

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