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May 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Exploring power relationships in both the cultural and political realms, Ideologue brings together the work of nine artists who employ humor and hyperbole to address platforms of ideology. AND: Jim Williams: 265 I . . . Home as Self-Portrait gives the public access to a three-decade long process of artistic exploration and transformation as the artist has used his home and personal life as a canvas for his art. This comes at a critical moment: the crescendo of this ultimate self-portrait will be its dissolution. He has literally used time as a medium, and will present here the work in situ; an installation that contains artifacts from his life as a portrait, one that he now feels is complete. The acting of putting personal work on display will mark the transition of the house as a living artwork to a completed artist archive. AND: Nicholas Courdy: Metaphornography uses collage to explore the ways in which the internet’s availability of media and social interaction shape the complexities within the spectrum of our romantic desires and perpetuate the maximum threshold of romantic fantasy. AND: Jennet Thomas: The Unspeakable Freedom Device offers a satirical interpretation of electioneering, voting systems, and cultural extremes in British society. Thomas’s film and multimedia installation follows the journey of two women through a sci-fi dystopian world as they search for Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, where the infamous former prime minister—Margaret Thatcher—delivered her most memorable speeches..

ALICE GALLERY UP: /kloTH/. Informed by the juxtaposition of personal adornments and the natural landscape, Downy Doxey-Marshall seamlessly weaves the inner and outer world and creates a narrative about how nature eventually ravages the objects we consider precious and then discards them.

RIO GALLERY UP: A Place to Call Place: The first five years of the Frontier Fellowship. Featuring 50 visiting artists and collaboratives who have spent up to a month in residence generating place-based work in Green River alongside the community.

MESTIZO GALLERY UP: A Place Far Away From Here. A series of paintings by Aeron Roemer that depict freight trains, landscape, and urban architecture that explores transience, upheaval, and adaptability. UPCOMING: Identity Retablos, a series of pieces by SLC based artist Sarah May. This project is an exploration of the ethnic, cultural diversity and identity of the artist and others who have volunteered their feelings and stories (see our article page 7).

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Contemporary art by Tom Judd (see our profile in the April 2016 edition). UPCOMING: Painter Michael Swearngin's work combines his interest in contemporary art with the fading heritage of the American cowboy.

GOD HATES ROBOTS UP: Onward. Exhibition featuring the work of David Habben explores the relationship between abstract art and illustration. UPCOMING: Nancy Rivera’s Herbarium Obscura: Shadow of Nature. Using foliage as a material and a motif, Rivera’s cyanotypes document the contemporary landscape and integrate current technology to subtly evince the space between artifice and nature.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Lewis J. Crawford's mixed media photographs include markings made outside the picture plane (see our review page 3). Brian Snapp directs his ceramics toward the inhumane actions against the vulnerable (see our profile page 1). Jim Jacobs' grafts tree branches and milled wood to objects. Maryann Webster uses nature and the human figures to link health of the body and the environment.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Work by Connie Borup and Don Athay. UPCOMING: Oonju Chun and ceramic sculpture by Heidi Moller Somsen. Also plein air landscapes by Roberta Glidden.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Abstract Expressions. Group exhibition of painting, sculpture and works on paper, intended as a survey of various styles of abstraction. The exhibition features artists from UT and around the US, which offers an introduction to various styles in a variety of media.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Fat Phobia, group exhibition exploring issues surrounding the pressure women feel to meet an unrealistic body image ideal. UPCOMING: 300 Plates, annual fundraising event featuring work by scores of Utah artists.

UTAH ARTS FESTIVAL GALLERY UP: Color, Pattern, and Texture. Featuring the work of photographer Adam Fernandez, digital artist Derek Chandler, and mixed media artists Ani Ostendorff and Stephanie Saint-Thomas. The show explores the point at which these three aspects of art and design converge. UPCOMING: Person, Place or Thing, paintings by Jennifer Broschinsky, Kendra Hitchcock, Jennifer Seeley, and Desarae Lee.

SORENSON UNITY GALLERY UP: Paintings by Renee Sarasva, Reiki Master, that reflect her spiritual experience. UPCOMING: Our SLC: Claim It !a multi-year civic arts project with the west Salt Lake communities of Glendale and Poplar Grove and includes work by Glendale Middle School’s Latinos in Action, YouthCity, CityLab, and the Claim It! short film and photography project.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Pottery by Benjamin Olp which reflects his love for elephants and experimental glaze techniques. . UPCOMING: Linda Marion. s

UP: Jazzy new cityscapes by Karen Horne from NYC, San Fran, SLC and other locales including paintings fresh from the "Here, There, Everywhere" exhibition at the Springville Art Museum. Also, colorful works by gallery artists.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, the 3rd Annual Star Wars show at Urban Arts in collaboration with Salt Lake Comic Con. Featuring artwork from 50 local artists inspired by the epic saga and other favorite galaxy travelers.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Photographs by Nicholas Lyle informed by his personal life experiences and his passion as a makeup artist. UPCOMING: Isaac Hastings, an illustrator/designer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Hastings primarily designs graphics for t-shirts and other apparel. His artwork consists of detailed line work, graphic imagery, geometric designs and desaturated color palettes.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: New work by Anastasia Dukhanina, Kimball Geisler, Antonin Passemard, Mark Slusser, and Bryan Mark Taylor. .

ARTS OF THE WORLD UP: Work by Janet Lewis and Steve Bernard. Lewis specializes in porcelain, stoneware and painting, while Bernard is a photographer producing high quality images and pinted products. UPCOMING: photography by emerging artist, Stacee Clayton (Adzaan Tolikan). “In my work I often distill a piece down to what I sense is its essence. I strive for a feeling of connection.”

THE LEONARDO UP: No Fixed Address. Portaits explore the complex nature of homelessness and invite the viewer to recognize people without homes are not all that different from the rest of us. AND: Perception: The Illusion of Reality. By examining the three senses of hearing, sight, and touch; this exhibit demonstrates how the mind constructs experience. AND: Water. A look at how water connects all people and the ways we can conserve this precious resource.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: The gallery is featuring the work of Trent Call, Sam Wilson, and Lindsay Frei. . UPCOMING: Featuring Lucia Heffernan, Jill Barton and Zoe Gerrard.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Ladies of the Coop and Other Images. Mary Pusey's landscapes and florals in acrylic. UPCOMING: Joan Zone’s whimsical and vibrantly colored paintings of an imaginary world where everyday figures and objects are fantasized.

ARTE HAUS COLLECTIF UP: New work by Cherlyn Wilcox and Holly Addi. UPCOMING: Featuring the bold and vibrant works of Jenny Prinn and the handcrafted, intricate weavings of Noelle Sharp of APORTA. Also featuring new work from Holly Addi and Laura Hope Mason.

MOD A-GO-GO UP: Roses and More. Solo show highlighting the new work of Linda Dalton-Walker. UPCOMING: Vita Kobylkina and veryvector, two of the shop’s top selling artists. Their vintage / hipster style in oils or acrylic on panel have a cool retro look that is ideal for a modern art collection.

LOCAL COLORS OF UTAH UP: Featuring metalsmith jeweler Debbie Valline and fiber artist Pedra Adkinson UPCOMING: Featuring two gallery artists, Shyne Shaw and Lawrence Wayne Adkinson. Shaw’s love of Utah’s beautiful landscapes and love of the stars led him to specialize in photographing Milky Way nightscapes. Adkinson creates unique sculptures using materials with a history that have been discarded and might otherwise end up in landfill.

GREEN LOFT CO-OP UP: Janell James’ All about Trees with Heart and Soul. From cherished landscapes of her native Utah to her specialty of trees, James has a gift for transforming a fleeting scene into layers of leaves and branches that flawlessly immortalize the beauty of her surroundings (see our review page 7).

A GALLERY UP: Group show featuring new works from Emily Robinson, Roland Thompson, Andy Taylor, and John Hess. UPCOMING: Jena Schmidt Believe & See. Her dynamic abstracted landscapes capture an intimacy with the land while celebrating the raw beauty of paint. Also showing new works from A Gallery artists including Gary Ruddell, Jennifer Rasmusson and Donald Yatomi.


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: The Seeing Eye: Woven Textiles by John Hess features textile works from flat-woven painted pieces to double-woven dimensional forms that create interesting changes in facets which change color and shape depending on a viewer's position.

MAIN LIBRARY, LOWER URBAN ROOM GALLERY UP: West High School 2016 International Baccalaureate Visual Art Show.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Polynesian Art Craft and Culture.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Student Artists: Works by Bryant Middle School Students.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH UP: Drips, Splashes, and Puddles: Paintings by James Haymond.

MARMALADE BRANCH UP: The Inhabitants of the Salt Lake City Library, illustrations by Claire Taylor works inspired by an effort to map the inhabitants of Salt Lake City.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Nouveau Pastiche: Paintings by Wendy Van de Kamp features works in Fauvist and Impressionist style with scenes from Italy, France and Argentina to creative interior pieces and a hot balloon series.

ANTHONY'S FINE ART & ANTIQUES UP: Work by sculptor Michael Aaron Hall. He will be in attendance during gallery stroll. UPCOMING: Christ in the Temple by Zimmermann: A Lost Masterwork of Religious Art Rediscovered. The painting will soon be the subject of a major exhibition in Germany.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP:Organic Expressions, Lloyd Tabing’s abstract paintings and Stacy Tonozzi’s mixed media.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: G. Russel Case, George Handrahan and Joshua Baird.

DAVID DEE FINE ARTS UP: Celebrate National Parks of the West with historical images from the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone and Bryce Canyon (see our article page 7).  

ALPINE ART UP: The Art of Woodcut. Work by Brad Teare (see our preview in the April 2016 edition).

ART 270 GALLERY UPCOMING: Explorations, oil paintings by Jon Jensen exploring the overlap of the human and animal spirits.

CUAC UP: Work by Cara Despain and Michael Handley (see page 1).

ILLUME GALLERY OF FINE ART UP: Featuring work by Simon Winegar.

RED KILN CLAY CONNECTION UP: Mug Shots. Salt Lake City potters and their mugs.

TURN CITY CENTER FOR THE ARTS UP: A New Start, A New Way. Show in the small gallery by Julia Lacey.

GLASS HOUSE UPCOMING: Co-sponsored by M3LD, Original, sculptural edgy accessories available to at Glass House. Also exhibiting new work by Robert Mellor.

MOUNTAIN WEST HARD CIDER UPCOMING: Whitney Horrocks, a minimalist and abstract expressionist painter locally based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

CONCEPT UP: Linnie Brown's mixed media abstracts on panel. AND: Acrylics on canvas by Tyler Smith.

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