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January 2015
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: The Utah Division of Arts & Museums will honor past visual arts fellowship winners in an exhibition entitled Next: 12 Visual Art Fellows. The exhibition highlights the work of twelve recent visual arts fellows beginning in 2009. These fellows represent the next generation of artists engaging in a variety of media and practices in contemporary art-making; they’re having conversations about regional landscapes, culture and issues unique to Utah, as well as commenting on topics relating to broader, global issues. Artists featured in this retrospective include: Jan Andrews, Colby Brewer, James Charles, Jared Lindsay Clark, Alison Denyer, Christopher Gauthièr, Mark Hedengren, Joseph Ostraff, Kathy Puzey, Josh Winegar,|1| Wendy Wischer, and David Wolske.

UMFA UP: [con]text: The Art of Language, from sotne reliefs to plexiglass.|2| [con]text mines the UMFA’s richly varied permanent collection to explore the many ways in which visual artists have harnessed language to communicate, relate, entice, advocate and illuminate. Highlighting more than 50 objects from virtually every artistic medium and time period, from local artists to artists of national and international renown, the exhibition leverages the UMFA’s own collection, a vast gathering of more than 20,000 objects unlike any other in the region. Visitors will see many artworks that have not been on view for some time (see our review page 4). AND: salt 10: Conrad Bakker. Bakker’s hand-carved and painted wood sculptures of everyday objects—imprecise, to-scale replicas of objects like books, photographs, chairs, and motorcycles —reveal and critique the relationships between people and things, and investigate the creation of value and economic systems. The exhibit features new work from his ongoing series Untitled Project: Robert Smithson’s Library and Book Club, mirrors the aesthetics of a library with objects based on books from Smithson’s collection.

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Trent Call: Processed. The images used to market fast food are oftentimes not food at all, but rather elaborate, hyper-real models that function as simulacra for the ideal product that we will never receive. Using the very images, advertisements, and coupons that fast food companies use to entice buyer behavior, Call creates frenetic collages, paintings and digital works that over-saturate our senses. Trent Call's use of repetition and often disintegrated images of mass produced food items causes one to consider the correlation between the fast food industry's marketing scheme of homogeneity across a world-wide network of restaurants and the truth behind what buyers actually consume.|3|

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING: Black North, abstract paintings by Jena Schmidt.|4| Jena Schmidt paints what she is seeking in her imagination or from her own experience in nature. Through her artistic practice, she explores concepts of direction, wilderness, spiritual guidance, and exploration. When her grandfather passed away, her family inherited his old camping gear. One of the items was a brass compass. Inside the lid, her grandfather had etched the words, “Black North.” This phrase led Schmidt to imagine it as a clue to an undiscovered place, one only her grandfather knew about. She later found out the words were just a reminder that the arrow for North on the compass was black, yet the notion of Black North still influenced her toward wild and mysterious landscapes, which she creates in her paintings. AND: Remapping the Natural World in Black and White. Elise LaJeunesse creates bromoil images which have their root in photography. A black and white photograph is printed on special paper, and the silver removed from the image through a bleaching process. Lithographic ink is then applied manually to the bleached image, creating a painterly image of the photograph. Printmaker and mixed media artist Nancy Steele-Makasci creates monochromatic images based on elements she finds inspiring in nature. Matt Kruback’s black and white drawings are his attempt to understand his personal disconnection with the natural world as well as giving him an exercise to regain that awareness and perspective.|5|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UPCOMING: Images Honoring the Night Side of Life, photographs by Heal Courageously, founded by Michelle Marthia, a breast cancer survivor. The Heal Courageously project provides patients, caregivers and survivors of life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to document their journey through photographs and to honor the strength it takes to get through the night-side of life. This is an exhibit of images captured over the past year. AND: Breast Cancer Quilts by Judy Elsley. In January 2012, Dr. Judy Elsley, English professor and director of the honors program at Weber State University, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Quiltmaking provided her the opportunity to express how she felt about this difficult experience. "Making a quilt helped me focus on the present, and gave me something interesting and positive to think about," said Elsley.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Made in Utah, a mixed media exhibit by international artist Vort Man.|6| This show represents a two and a half year commitment to create art every day. The artwork is a visual record of his journey and the experiences that have influenced his creativity here in Utah.

ART AT THE MAIN UPCOMING: Presenting a group show, On a Winter's Theme.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Featuring brilliant winterscapes by Phyllis Horne, Ken Baxter and Doyle Shaw.|7| Also scenes of SLC's new Capitol Theatre/Ballet Complex as well as new ballet dancers by Karen Horne.

UTAH ARTS FESTIVAL GALLERY UP: Faces, Forms and Functions. Artists include Tessa Ryser, Nathan Pratt and Grace Ryser, all showing 2D mixed media.

ALPINE ART UP: 3rd Annual Honoring Utah’s Artists Exhibition, featuring works that evoke contemplation, discovery and joy. This show celebrates the incredible talents of over 50 local artists in an eclectic collection hung salon style. UPCOMING: Presenting a collection of fine art paintings and drawings dedicated to the movie-making industry to coincide with the international attention on Park City and Salt Lake City every January.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243) UP: Victoria Harris and her figurative oil paintings bring a sense of new beginnings. Sigfredo Mendoza's portrayal of mountains are lush and refreshing. Erin Morris MFA presents her beautifully constructed books. Joseph Taylor rounds out the show with a group of polychromatic paintings.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Paintings by our regular gallery artists including Anastasia Dukhanina, Randall Lake, Bryan Mark Taylor and many other award-winning artists from Utah, California and beyond.

ALDERWOOD FINE ART UP: Featuring a warm selection of vibrantly colored works by Gary Collins, Dennis Smith, Larry Wade and Aerin Collett.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UPCOMING: The gallery welcomes renowned artist Billy Schenck for his show, West of the Wasatch.

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UPCOMING: Disrupted Identities, a solo exhibition by artist Zach Franzoni. Through a combination of paintings, drawings and other mixed-media images, Franzoni produces a visual language that is primarily concerned with the development of self-aware identities situated in post-industrial urban spaces.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Natural Order: Photographs by Kent Budge. Manmade or natural, there are moments where light and shadow can be caught to stop time and reveal an instant that might never be again. Add color and texture to the mix and the conditions are ripe for discovering this Natural Order almost anywhere.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UPCOMING: The New Western Landscape: Paintings by Leslie Thomas and Mark Knudsen.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP:Snow, Snow & More Snow, a snowy miniature show featuring all paintings celebrating Utah's wonderful snow.

CUAC UPCOMING: Presenting work by Chris Coy and Justin Berry.


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Hidden Realities: Paintings by Isra Pache. AND: The Living Machine: Photography by P. Kent Fairbanks. UPCOMING: Don't Read This: Works by Aundrea Frahm, Gary Barton, Joe Ostraff, Justin Wheatley, Linnie Brown, Namon Bills, Nick Stephens, and Randal Marsh.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: The Wasatch Women's Art Collective's first group show. The theme is "Seeing Red." The artists who are participating interpret the theme in varied ways, from literal to mythological.|8|

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Impressionist Visions, an exhibit of photo-art by Don O. Thorpe. The works in this exhibit were created with a mixed-media approach that merges in-camera effects, printing techniques, and computer enhancement with an emphasis on an impressionistic vision.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Drawing From the Lake: Photography by Hikmet Sidney Loe (see our review page 3).

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Birds, People, and the Global Environment: Photography by Rahul Mukerjee.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Keeping Watch: Street Photography by Insoo Bay.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: A mixed collection of gallery artists.

CONCEPT UP: Presenting a mix of gallery artists.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP:Welcome to Wonderland, inspired by Lewis Carroll's books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” The show includes art, installations and other mixed media work from local artists.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Winter group show.

A GALLERY UP: Featuring new works from Brent Godfrey, Marci Erspamer, Adam Thomas Rees, Chris Thornock and many more.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Russian Impressionistic artist, Nikolai Terpsikhorov (1890 - 1960). His paintings bear a definite stamp of social themes and revolutionary times, yet ultimately he is a painter of Russia and its exotic, far flung empire.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Spring City Ladies, a group show featuring new paintings by Lee Udall Bennion, Kathleen Peterson and Sophie Soprano.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Presenting Chris Madsen. Using digital photography, film and wet plate collodion, Madsen works to create images that compel others to pause.

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