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October 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Jason Metcalf at UMOCA
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month
UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP:Mr. Winkle: Object of Projection, Photographs by Lara Jo Regan. Rescued from the side of the freeway in Bakersfield, California by Regan, a renowned documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, Mr. Winkle has since served as her muse and conduit for exploring the very nature of humanity. Her series of photographs draws connections between 19th century tableaux and portrait photography and 20th century photographic genres.AND: ABRACADABRA by Salt Lake City artist Jason Metcalf. Whether conscious or unconscious, with zeal, skepticism, or denial, our behaviors, daily rhythms, architecture, and design are determined by superstitions both arcane and contemporary.|0| For ABRACADABRA, Metcalf has painstakingly researched, re-enacted and refreshed languages of superstition long forgotten from day-to-day vernacular. Entities, obsessions, legends, and lore from various cultures provide the sculptural and performative language displayed in his solo exhibition. UPCOMING:Your Land/My Land: Election ’12, a special exhibition coinciding with the 2012 American Presidential election is a reimagined installation originally presented by Jonathan Horowitz during the 2008 presidential election. At each location (as in ’08), red and blue area rugs will divide the exhibition space into opposing zones, reflecting America’s color-coded, political, and cultural divide. Back-to-back monitors will be suspended between the carpets, with one broadcasting a live feed of Fox News, the other of MSNBC. AND: Battleground States brings together local, national, and international artists who critically engage with the discourse of visual culture and gender studies. Through video, sculpture, installation, and photography, these artworks explore ideas of how figuration, the body and identity intertwine, moving along fusions, ambiguities and disconnections between the figure and the self.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Paintings by some of Utah's most prominent abstract painters, past and present. Carolyn Coalson layers paint to create atmospheric abstract works that call to mind both the texture of the land and the atmosphere of the sky.|1| The late Lee Deffebach was one of Utah's most prominent abstract expressionists, pouring, splashing and brushing paint onto surfaces to create magical paintings energized by light.|2| Michael David Hall creates obsessively drawn surfaces that while they can be populated with cartoon figures and references to the landscape have the effect of textured, overall painting.|3| UPCOMING: New paintings by Lindey Carter and Patricia Kimball (see page 2). Photography by Stephen Seko showing concurrently in our Dibble Gallery.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING: Professors Maureen O'Hara Ure and Matt Kruback on the main floor and Marina Alexandrescu in the Park Gallery. The title for Ure's exhibit, Here Be Monsters, calls forth a phrase used to denote dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of the medieval practice of putting sea serpents and other mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps.|4| The show will include approximately 15 mixed-media paintings on panels, interspersed with medium-scale text elements and poems by Ure's longtime collaborator Katharine Coles. Matt Kruback’s paintings continue his “exploration of landscape as understood through experiential and sensorial memory, the concepts of fantasy, the fantastic, and ‘defamiliarization,’ as well as conventions of landscape paintings from 19th century American and European Romantic artists."|5| Marina Alexandrescu, exhibiting in the Park Gallery, is a first generation immigrant from Eastern Europe, an experience which influences her works that explore the concept of boundaries, internal and external, "charged areas where conflict and resolution coexist in a delicate balance."|6| UMFA UP: 5 Blocks is an exhibition of youth artwork created in collaboration with UMFA educators by students at Hawthorne Elementary (Salt Lake City School District) and Granger High School (Granite School District). By investigating a five block area near their school, students demystified how we shape the spaces we live in and how those spaces shape us. AND: Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism, an exhibition spanning much of the artist's long career.|7| Nichols' early paintings focused on the often-difficult relationship between Midwest farmers and their land. His stylized landscapes and red barns, representing both shelter and sustenance, held images of hope for a struggling nation and honored the agrarian ideal. By the 1940s Nichols indulged his wanderlust, traveling repeatedly to Alaska and spending extended periods of time in Guatemala and Mexico. UPCOMING: Horizon: Selections from the Guild of Book Workers showcases the current work of the members of the Guild of Book Workers who were invited to interpret "horizon" as broadly or as narrowly as they wish. AND: Nancy Holt: Sightlines offers an in-depth look at the early projects of this important American artist whose pioneering work falls at the intersection of art, architecture, and time-based media (see page 1).|8| AND: salt 6: Emre Huner features the premier of a new film by the Turkish, Berlin-based artist, whose work explores questions surrounding progress, modernity, science fiction, and utopian impulses. .

ALICE MERRILL HORNE GALLERY UP: Fare explores the relationship of food to culture with a group of artists who were asked to think about how their favorite food is a telling characteristic of their culture. Features works by Martin Blundell, Sam Wilson, Trent Call, Dorothee Martens, Anthony Siciliano, Shami Kanekar, Fahime Amiri,|9| Kim Martinez and Joe Ostraff and others.

THE LEONARDO UP: Blockbuster exhibition Da Vinci - The Genius, is a multimedia exploration of the work of Leonardo da Vinci, featuring over 200 pieces, including super-magnified, high-resolution images, 3D animations and other high-tech displays. UPCOMING: The Labyrinths of the Mind, featuring the art of Anna Campbell Bliss (see our article page 1), with a screening of Arc of Light: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss.|10| AND: Geomorph Exhibition at the Lab at the Leo to see amazing shape-changing geometrical structures, animations of dynamic geometries, and learn about the geometries of the past. NOX CONTEMPORARY UPCOMING: LAND\GAZE, new works by Tom Aaron exploring our interaction with and dependence on land, and on the cadastral systems that sectionalize and define our conception of it. Aaron has recently been investigating the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), which imposed a survey grid across the most of the land west of the Mississippi, transforming both the shape and our conception of the landscape.|11|

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Journey to Zion Canyon, featuring 15 new works by David Meikle. UPCOMING: University of Utah College of Fine Arts Annual Juried Student Show. The gallery will select three students, awarding each a cash scholarship. Andrew Roth (who received last year’s top award) is the featured artist along with the student show (see page 7).

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY (2233 South 700 East) UP: Visual Meandering, new mixed media collages by Irene Rampton (see page 5).|12|

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Say “weekend,” and it may conjure different images, depending on who’s listening: rest and relaxation for some, recreation and adventure for others. All of these images come into play in artist Nan Gray’s new collection of watercolor and colored pencil paintings. UPCOMING: In Oh, the Places I’ll Go!Landscapes and Dreamscapes by Sue Martin the artist uses her vast collection of travel photographs for inspiration, but she doesn’t try to replicate them. “For me, the purpose of a painting is to capture the feeling of place and the associated memories, not every realistic detail,” she says. Her work often includes personal symbols, like stamps in a passport, signifying that the places she’s been have left their mark on her. Martin’s dreamscapes are mostly abstract explorations of color, patterns, and line layered in the kind of overlapping, surreal way that dreams unfold.|13|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Off the Map. 23 artists were given a dart and told to throw it at a map of downtown Salt Lake City (between 2nd Avenue and 700 South, and 600 East to 700 West). Wherever the dart landed became the location for the artist's piece. They were asked to visit their chosen site and interpret it in their own style. AND: Altered Photographs by Al Mecklenburg in Access II Gallery. Al Mecklenburg's altered photographs at first appear like watercolor paintings, but the photographer's images are what one would expect a photographer to create -- photographs. Altered through the process of "misprinting" and re-photographing those misprints, Mecklenburg's images evolve through iterations of this cycle. UPCOMING: Icons and Relics:The Places Where We Live and Work, paintings by Waldo Kidd and urban photographs by Paula Rudd. AND: Child's Play, paintings by Daren Young in Access II Gallery.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Sandy Fullmer, an artist who paints realistically like the old masters layering oil paint until it glows with color and light and creates a sensual experience for the viewer. UPCOMING: West By Southwest, a series of eclectic mixed media paintings by Hilary Wilkinson that combine Mexican folk, Gothic and Renaissance art, Native American patterns, animal symbolism and Southwestern imagery.|14|

Hilary Wilkinson at Charley Hafen

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Martin Stensaas's works incorporate his background in figure, landscape, surrealism, and synthetic abstract painting to convey a glimpse of visionary states of consciousness, inspired by themes from Mayan art and biological/botanical beauty.|15|

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Utah's Desert Horses, photographs by John Steel. |16|

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH UP: Danielle Follett Chard is a documentary photographer from Morgan, Utah who photographs characters she encounters in her daily life.|17|

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Photographer Peter McBride and author Jonathan Waterman have collaborated on a book full of stunning images to tell the story of the Colorado River. The fifth largest river in the United States supports over thirty million residents for drinking water, electricity, and irrigation. It is one of the most diverted, dammed, silted-up, loved and litigated rivers in the world. The heavy demand on the river has permanently altered the ecology of the Colorado River Basin.|18|

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Lunatics Symphony, photographs by Andrew Bouwhuis examing the poetic qualities of the moon.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Hidden Nooks, paintings by Hadley Rampton.

ALPINE ART UP: The gallery's first open call for entries Pen & Ink Show showcasing a variety of techniques like stippling, hatching or washing, to contemporary usage such as graphic illustration and tattoo work. Featured artists include Steven Roach, Eric Fairclough, Chauncey Secrist, Clay Cavender, Thelma B. Parsons, Jeffrey Stag, Steven Duncan, Tannen, & Erin Tripp. UPCOMING: What the future of design holds, work from students studying design at universities around the Salt Lake area, curated by David Morgan, BYU School of Technology.

HORNE FINE ART UPCOMING: People Watching, figurative paintings from city streets, the dance floor, the beach, and the living room, demonstrating Karen Horne's skill capturing the figure in movement and in repose. Also radiant fall landscapes by Phyllis Horne.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: México Now/Justice Now!, an exhibit of photos visiting from Mexico's legendary Casasola Archive combined with the work of two local artists, Alex Ramos and Angela Bunker. UPCOMING: Local First Utah celebrates artists and independent business owners for their risk-taking and place making, in a series of photographic narratives. Photography by Will Olivet-Gallo and James Singer.

UTAH ART & ENVIRONMENT COLLABORATIVE (800 S 400 W #B113 -- West side of Artspace Commons) UPCOMING:
Tutored by the Land, featuring photographs and writings of participants on the University of Utah's Go Learn trip to Centennial Valley, Montana, led by Stephen Trimble.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Recent paintings by Brian Kershisnik. UPCOMING: Recent paintings by Jeff Pugh and Emily McPhie.

15th STREET GALLERY UPCOMING: Breakfast Club featuring work by Marian Dunn, Carole Evans, Nancy Droubay, Judy Mayron, Sue Valentine, Dottie Miles, Woody Renzetti, Steven K Sheffield and Glenda Bradley (see page 5).

ATELIER AFA UP: Back to the Future, pin hole photography by Rick Asper. UPCOMING: Summer Memories by Nan Gray, limited edition giclee.

BALDWIN RADIO FACTORY (3474 S 2300 E; 801-842-9167) UP: Harvest Celebration Exhibition with works from Sheryl Thornton, David Estes, Greg White, Debra Russell, Cheryl Merkley, Candy Rideout, Stephanie Saint-Thomas and many more

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: Craft and Photography, the 2012 Statewide Annual, a juried exhibition (see our video on the exhibit page 7).

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UPCOMING: Mark Seely, painter and mixed media artist and Brian Patterson, video artist.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway (300 S); 801-521-0243) UP:
Eddie McKenna, Joseph Taylor and Ryan Ackerly. UPCOMING: Michael Ryan Perez’s Nebulous with Dana Ryan Perez. The Perezs’ first joint gallery exhibition features explorations with serigraph prints.

A GALLERY UP: New Derilique Iconic, works by Suzanne Kanatsiz & Jake Gilson. UPCOMING: LAND, contemporary landscapes.

SLUSSER GALLERY UPCOMING: Danse Macabre: An Exhibition of Art Celebrating All Things Dark and Strange. Also featuring sugar skulls, altars for the dead and live music by Satan’s Fingers and Millie and the Moths. Refreshments will be served.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: new action-packed paintings, prints and gifs (not gifts) by Trent Call. UPCOMING: The 3rd Annual Monster Show, featuring over 30 artists.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Box, Paper, Scissors, Kayo's annual fundraiser event.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Jill Barton and Paris Gerrard, a mother and daughter team, and Max Farbman. UPCOMING: Paintings by local artist and teacher Peter Hayes.

UAF GALLERY UPCOMING: Hemolution by Logan-based artist Trevin Prince. Prince uses blood and resin to capture the human figure on Plexiglas canvases.

LOCAL COLORS OF UTAH UP: Boots, Bandanas and Saddles, Lawrence Adkinson & David Jones. UPCOMING: Falling features interpretations of autumn by Catherine Darling Hostetter and Jane Autry, both local painters, and Cheryl Glen, potter.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 East 500 South) UP: Naive Melody: A Celebration of Natural Beauty in the Utah Landscape.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY UP: Volcano and desert photography of Brad Lewis and the amazingly detailed work of naturalist painter Carel Brest van Kempen.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UPCOMING: Lasting Impressions, excellent new works by gallery artists including AD Shaw, Richard Boyer and Rob Adamson.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Friends and Amici, work from Pilar Pobil, Willamarie and visiting, Italian artist Angelo Maggi.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: The Intermountain Society of Artists' annual fall show, featuring two shows: Member of Merit group with their own set of ribbons and awards, and the general members of ISA who have not yet met the requirements of those in the Merit category.

RED KILN CLAY CONNECTION UP: Don't Be So Square, a ceramic meditation on the box form. UPCOMING: Imposition of Time, ceramic installation by Dawn Atkin.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE GALLERY UPCOMING: Mixed media works by Kim Baack and Richard Prehn (Zxorb).

PTC LOGE GALLERY UPCOMING: Bagley Cartoons Utah: The Easiest Job in the World, an exhibit by local cartoonist Pat Bagley. The political cartoon sketches will be on display during the run of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, October 19 – November 3.

SLC POLICE PIONEER PRECINCT (1040 West 700 South). UP: Light & Shadow, a collaborative exhibit that includes a visual arts project led by Salt Lake City Arts Council’s, Kelsey Moon, and a dance performance led by Kelby McIntyre-Martinez.

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