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June 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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R. Nelson Parrish at the Kimball Art Center
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Up and Upcoming: To The North
Exhibition Listings in Northern Utah
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org


The Park City Gallery Stroll usually takes place the last Friday of every month.

Kimball Art Center UP: Color/Fast, an installation by R. Nelson Parrish. The exhibit features both Parrish's paintings, large, medium and small abstract works of various pigments suspended in layers of resin;|0| and videos of athletes commissioned by Parrish to record their trips down Alaska's mountains or across Utah's lakes -- from the point of view of the ski. AND: Corinne Geertsen: Freudian Hip Date. A digital artist from Mesa Arizona, Corinne Geertsen blends vintage family photos with images of animals and mechanical objects to make complex psychological dramas.|1| AND: Justin Pok: Light Date, reimagined pop imagery i

Julie Nester Gallery UP: Optical Collisions, new work by Silvia Poloto.|2| Brazilian-born Silvia Poloto is an accomplished artist working in a range of visual disciplines. Recognized for her dynamic compositions and color sensibility, Poloto exploits a vibrant visual palette of boldness and subtlety. Her artwork is characterized by equal amounts of surprise, playfulness and provocation. Poloto has worked in a variety of media, including photography, sculpture, painting and video. Elements of each of these media find their home in her current work.

The Ogden First Fridays Art Walk takes place every month on the First Friday of the month. Galleries will hold receptions 6-9 pm.

Gallery 25 UP: A versatile artist working primarily in oil, Keith Dagley uses both brush and knife techniques. He also works in pastel, graphite and prisma pencil. A love of family, horses and ranch life, wildlife, Native Americans and their culture, both past and present, provides a wide range in the body of his work.|3|

Eccles Community Art Center UP: Husband/Wife artists Doug and Dianne Adams of Deweyville. AND: Paintings by Laurie Kopinski in the Carriage House.

Palmer Wholesale Decor UP: Watercolors and prints by Jillayne Meyer, ideally yet casually arranged among lush floral decor in state-of-the-art displays.

Western Heritage Art Museum UP: 23rd annual Uintah Arts Council juried art exhibit. This year's themed show, "Wagon Wheels and Windmills," is open to all artists west of the Mississippi.

Brigham City Museum UP:
Outside the Homeland: The Intermountain Indian School. After a week of travel that began on foot or on burro from the depths of the reservation in Arizona, 234 Navajo children stepped off the bus at the Intermountain Indian Boarding School in Brigham City, Utah, on January 11, 1950. Within a week the total enrollment was 500. Attendance increased gradually until it peaked at 2,300 in the 1960s. Experiences of Native American students, their teachers and other personnel until the school closed in May 1984 are documented in this exhibit.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP:
Bang! Thwack! Plop! %#$&!!! Comics: an Influence on Contemporary Art. AND: Fragments of Terror: Drawings by Jim Starrett features approximately 25 drawings showing, in the words of Patrick E. White, how Starrett's works, "...vibrate with such cool passion, such fiery ice, that they seem at once both hard products of a systematic rationality, of an almost mechanical design, and works of extraordinary emotional resonance."

Artists of Utah News
The Jaw Appeal

I swear, the "Our Last Go" email was meant to be our last fundraising plea. But, literally while that email was going out, our image editor, Shalee Cooper, was on her bike in the Granary District, shooting images for this month's edition. Her tire got caught in the railroad tracks, her body went flying over the handlebars, and she dislocated her jaw.

So, there I am texting and phoning, "Shalee, where are the Moulton images? Shalee, have you gotten a hold of Elmer Preslee? Shalee when can I expect the Paul Vincent Bernard shots?"

And this is how Shalee looked.
15 Bytes image editor Shalee Cooper

So, here's the deal. One last plea. We didn't reach our goal during the Spring Fundraiser. Had we reached it, one of the things we wanted to do was bump up Shalee's pay by $50 a month. We'd still like to do that (especially now that she has that doctor's bill).

So, we're just asking, help us raise $600 more.

It will all go to our jaw-droppingly good image editor.

Click here to make a donation.

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