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August 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Helen Keller by Casey Childs
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Covey Center for the Arts UP: Casey Childs: Portraits & Figures showcases the artist's skill in portraying lifelike portraits and figures with contemporary designs and settings. The show containing 45-50 pieces, focuses on portraits and figurative works in oil and charcoal the artist has created over the past three years, including a new series of 25 historical portraits titled "Influential Figures."|0| AND: Works on Paper features drawing and mixed-media art from Orem artist Namon Bills.|1| The exhibit includes pieces from two series of work: a set of mixed media pieces (collage, drawing and painting), and the second is a series of drawings (mostly graphite, but with various drawing media mixed in). Both series are an exploration of form taking as their subject matter sculpture (mainly Egyptian), geometry and birds.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with Arts of Islamic Culture poses the question “What makes Islamic Art, Islamic?” To address this, Dr. Al Khemir has created a show of over 250 works that features historical and geographic background with succeeding sections of calligraphy, figurative imagery and pattern. |2| People in a Hard Land: Iconic Images of Life in the Southwest focuses on iconic images of people in the American Southwest: pioneers, cowboys, and Indians moving across a vast uninhabited landscape; men and women engaged in the hard labor of taming a wild land. |3| AND: Object of Devotion, medieval English alabaster sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum that date back to the early 1300s.|4| AND: In e.g. video artist Will Lamson visualizes relationships between serenity and chaos through the art of balancing.|5| AND: michael whiting: 8-bit modern, in the Museum's Sculpture Garden, features brightly painted, massive, pixilated sculptures exploring the visual relationship between early video games and 1960s minimalism.

Springville Museum of Art UP: The 39th Annual Quilt Show, co-sponsored by the Utah Valley Quilt Guild and the Corn Wagon Quilt Company, celebrates the talent and creativity of quilters across Utah.|6|AND: 150 Years of Cyrus Dallin, celebrates the native son and co-founder of the museum's collection, with forty of the artist's works. AND: Explorations: 50-Year Retrospective of Painting by Anton (Tony) Rasmussen. A well-known presence in Utah painting for decades, Rasmussen is well-regarded for his abstract works and his masterful and powerful renderings of Utah's canyons and deserts (see page 1).

BYU Library Exhibits UP: Rick Nye: Decades. . AND: Michael Slade Sweden: Family History Sites.

Utah County Art Gallery UP: Jewel Queenbury.

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Art of Our Century, contemporary work from the western region of the United States selected by jurors Julie Nester and Melissa Soltesz.

Terra Nova Gallery UPCOMING: Husband and wife artists J. Kirk Richards and Amy Tolk Richards.

St. George Art Museum UP: Starry, Starry Night, National Parks through the Lens of Wally Pacholka Show features photographs from Pacholka's “America the Beautiful at Night” project. |7| AND: Clouds and the Night Great Basin Exteriors: A Photographic Survey, an exhibition of 30 photographs by three regional artists – Adam Jahiel, Daniel Cheek and Nolan Preece – which examines loss, change and abandonment in the American West.|8| AND: Starry, Starry Night: The Paintings of Serena. Serena Supplee's passionate palette captures the expansion of rims, the movement of rivers, and the dance of clouds with the lighting on canyon walls, and the night which is dark though alive with the star filled sky full of galaxies.|9|

Sears Art Gallery UP: There are Always Stories to Tell, St. George artists Craig Fetzer, Sam Lawlor, Dilleen Marsh, Lonni Clarke, BJ Thorkelson and Bonnie Conrad paint the local landscape. AND: In the Eccles Grand Foyer: Greg Murray: Photography.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Into the Woods: A Painted Diary of the Dixie National Forest, twenty works by Arlene Braithwaite marking the opening of a new campus exhibition space in the Hunter Conference Center.|10|AND: The Southern Utah Art Invitational Exhibit features works by some of Southern Utah’s most celebrated artists as well as introducing the art of rising young talent. AND: The Psychedelic Years: Rock Posters & Handbills from the San Francisco Bay Area, 1966-1971.

Utah Shakespeare Festival (SUU campus) UP: Truth, Mirth, and Turmoil: Shakespeare Paintings by Richard Lance Russell features a score of paintings, depicting powerful scenes and memorable characters from Shakespeare's plays (see our July edition).|11|

superHUMAN features artists who pull freely from speculative models, (from classic Greek myths to comic books and graphic novels, from sci-fi literature to television) working in various mediums to help shape modern hybrid styles and bring new audiences into the conversation, challenging the assumptions that have sometimes kept speculative art outside serious discussion (see page 1). AND: The artists in New Mystics reinvent the role of mystic for themselves, calling attention to the ambiguities of both creativity and mysticism while also invoking the shaman’s important role as the community’s first artist. Featuring work by Fidalis Buehler, Tyrone Davies, Allan Ludwig, Fionn McCabe and Art Morrill.

Tyrone Davies at the CUAC

 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

7/1 David Winder on the cover of Catalyst Magazine

7/2 Trent Alvey: "Synchronicity"Showing human impact on environment

7/12 Glass artists, Guadalupe students team up to create artwork.

7/14 Chalk artists create on concrete canvas at Clinton Heritage Days

7/12 Springville Museum of Art hosts 39th Annual Quilt Show

7/12 Art center mounts ‘Conversations in Culture’

7/16 Out & About: Small-town Oakley's art show worth
the stop

7/16 The Ogden Eccles Community Art Center has selected winners for its 38th Annual Statewide Competition

7/17 4 artworks commissioned for Salt Lake's public safety center

7/18 Central Utah Art Center evicted from Ephraim gallery space

7/18 Central Utah Art Center Evicted: Director says order amounts to censorship

7/19 It's all about the art at the Redstone fair

7/21 Car added to 'Speed' exhibit at UMF

7/23 Color/Fast collection: Where art meets sport.

7/23 'Filly Gawkers' takes home top prize at Traces of the West art show

7/26 BDAC exhibit shows that artistic style can make all the difference

7/27 Kimball Art Center reveals 2012 Relevant Artists

7/28 Trailblazer: BYU professor creates first animated comic book, 'Bottom of the Ninth'

7/30 Art Access Dual Shows: Suzanne Kanatsiz & Vojko Rizvanovic


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