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Zoe Elwood

Zoe Elwood (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist from central Utah, utilizing a range of materials including: painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, and assemblage. Their work discusses the ambiguous, fragile, and liminal qualities of memory through material exploration of concepts such as: tipping points, slippage, preservation, loss, and the act(s) of forgetting/remembering.

Zoe’s works have been exhibited in local spaces including the galleries at Utah Valley University (UVU), JKR Gallery in Provo, UT (2022), and Eccles Art Center in Ogden, UT (2023), as well as nationally at Modern Visual Arts Gallery in Bethlehem, PA (2023). Conducting research for, and through the visual arts is a core tenet for Zoe’s work; they have presented their research at the Utah Conference for Undergraduate Research (UCUR) in Salt Lake City UT (2023), and SECAC (known formerly as the Southeastern College Art Convention) in Richmond, VA (2023).

Their curatorial work has included a multidisciplinary exhibition for UVU, which featured both local and nationally based artists, and they are currently in the process of planning a solo exhibition that will be held at Odd Duck Studio in Provo, UT. This will be the inaugural show of the Emerging Artist Series that will be regularly held at Odd Duck Studio, the model for which Zoe is working with the director, Adam Thomas, to design.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I value how a concept will change and take on new meaning when it is expressed across different modes of making. My studio practice, then, becomes very questioning as I experiment how a concept might shift as it is embodied differently, and work to respond respectively. I am forever fascinated with the tension of balancing dualities, as well as this, the notion of suspending the tipping point between such two. Preservation and loss, familiar and estranged, internal and external, sublime and mundane – wherever such opposing ideas may realistically intermingle, are areas I explore. This can describe my relationship to found objects; as I utilize their ordinary physicality in my assemblage works, I am just as much reflecting on their being the material remains of another, perhaps the features in a memory of another. What is a rusted and defunct tool, to me, was once likely of indispensable use to another, what can this object communicate to us now that it is both?



Zoe Ellwood, “Last To Follow,” 2023, assemblage, 20 x 9 x 20 in.


Zoe Ellwood, “Entomb, Exhume,” 2023, assemblage, 25 x 7 x 15 in.


Zoe Ellwood, “On Two Things I am Sure,” 2023, assemblage, 36 x 10 x 11 in.


Zoe Ellwood, “Moving Past,” 2023, assemblage, 30 x 20 x 24 in.


Zoe Ellwood, “Sheltered,” 2023, assemblage, 65 x 48 x 60 in.

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