Your Art Is As Lonely As This Cow

Unclaimed art by Paul Adams, now on view at the Rio Gallery

If you’re an artist who has ever had a piece in the Rio Gallery or if you’ve traveled your work with the Utah Arts Council’s Traveling Exhibition Program, you may be in a show right now that you don’t know about.

The Rio Gallery is putting up a brief, 3-week exhibit featuring unclaimed art. This artwork has been under the agency’s care for decades. All these artists have been contacted at least once. There are about 75 pieces of unclaimed work, but only about 25 were chosen for this exhibit. Some of this work is from last year’s exhibits. Some of it is so old the labels have been lost and the artist is unidentified. Some of this artwork has been collecting dust since 1965.

A lot of this artwork is really good work. Some of it was submitted to the Statewide Annual Exhibition in hopes of being hung in the gallery, but it was rejected by the jury. Well, now it is getting its time in the spotlight after all.

Head on down to the Rio and see if you can help track down the artists these pieces belong to. Hey, it might even be yours — and if it is, take it home, it misses you.

Unclaimed will be on display at the Rio Gallery May 23-June 9.

Rio Gallery
300 South 455 West
Salt Lake City

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