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What’s New: For Elise Zoller 2018 is About the Light Out West

Elise ZollerElise Zoller studied architecture at Princeton and practiced in that field for several years. She also trained in drawing and oil painting (something she has practiced now for 20 years) at The Academy of Realist Art in Boston and Master’s Academy in Springville. “Change is my only constant,” she says. “I get bored if I do one thing for too long and I see no reason to fight that.” She tells us 2018 is going to be exciting. “I plan to begin writing and illustrating my second young adult book [her first was The Tale of Oramus and Jane] and to change the focus of my oil paintings” from the East Coast to the Salt Lake Valley.

The play of light is what fascinates her most. “Reflected light on buildings is electrifying. . . . I hope to move you to look more closely at the teeming light that inhabits the space around you. It takes time to notice things that are quiet. I want to stop you in your tracks so that you do,” she says.

“Over the last few years I have concentrated on painting architectural landscapes in New England, capturing the movement of light on iconic clapboard house. . . . My husband and I moved to Salt Lake recently and in 2018 I plan to produce a string of architectural landscapes centered in [this area]. The light here is bluer than in the East and the buildings more orange and red. That will make for fantastic contrasts between warm and cool tones,” she explains of her forthcoming work.

It occurred to this artist some years ago that she could talk about the light she was trying to capture in paintings and she began writing and illustrating her first book. “I’m excited to start work on the next, a prequel entitled ‘Fifi’s Pearls.’ It’s been simmering in the back of my mind for at least a year and it’s time to hunker down and do something about that. Time to fuel up with more hot black tea. It’s going to be a busy year,” says Zoller.

work by Elise Zoller

“The Last Rose,” in the artist’s studio.

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