What To Wear For a Portrait

24 Hour Portrait by Lee Cowan

What would you wear to have your portrait painted? We think a 15 Bytes Tee would look great, but we’re a bit biased.

If Lee Cowan was painting your portrait it wouldn’t matter what you wear. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to show up. You just send Cowan a detailed list of what you did during the day and how you felt about it (so wearing our groovy tee shirts might affect that) and he creates a color field portrait of you. He calls them 24 Hour Portraits.

Two of them are on exhibit at the UVU 2011 Faculty Show at the Woodbury Museum of Art, which is holding an artist reception this evening from 6 to 8 pm. We’ll be down there to check them out (and tell you about them in the September edition). Of course, we’ll be wearing our tees, and you can too. We’ll also have a stack of them on sale. Sign up as a fan (i.e. “like”) on Woodbury’s facebook site and you could even win a free tee shirt.

The Woodbury Museum is located on the southeast side of Orem’s University Mall (University Parkway and State Street). Hope to see you there.

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