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What I Thought I Saw Book Release

Three years ago, Art Access hosted the  what I thought I saw exhibit, which featured ten pairs of photographic and written portraits of individuals with intriguing, though not readily apparent, stories. It was the beginning of a book project designed to challenge “the way we look at things because maybe we just don’t know.” That book has finally arrived, and tonight, at 5 pm, Art Access hosts a book signing with the writers and photographers involved.

We wrote on the original exhibition and book project in our March 2008 edition of 15 Bytes:

what I thought I saw is an evolving photo/essay book designed to catch you off guard. It’s also an exhibit that challenges the way you look at people and the assumptions you make about them. And most of all, it’s a concept that makes you question how much you really know about how you see the world.

Here is a case in point: you look at the photograph of an attractive young man in a football uniform and maybe speculate that he grew up to marry a cheerleader, have several children and live a charmed life. But you would be wrong – Derrick* did marry and become a father, but several years ago he surgically became Jessica*, and recently elected to become Derrick again.

Or, you could see the photograph of a high-powered lawyer and idly wonder what kind of home life she has while working 65 hours a week. Whatever life you imagined, however, probably wouldn’t include “happily married polygamous wife responsible for earning money to help raise her and her sister-wives’ 35 children.”

And then there’s the photograph of a former Playboy Bunny enticing you with a big smile. Maybe you think she is whiling away her days reminiscing about rowdy parties in Hugh Hefner’s mansion. But are you wrong?

You can read the full article in our March 2008 edition of 15 Bytes.

Photographers Kim Wilcox (zoë rodriguez) and Sasha Polak; and writers Peta Owens-Liston and Amy Albo collaborated on the book and will be at Art Access tonight to celebrate the release of this intriguing book. For more information, contact Sheryl Gillilan, 801-328-0703, option 3; or zoë rodriguez at 801-918-0587.

Date: Jan 12, 2012
Time: 5 pm
Phone: 801-328-0703
Address: 230 S. 500 West, Salt Lake City, 84101
Where: Art Access Gallery

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