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We’d Like to Reapply

We’d like to reapply for our job as Utah’s Art Magazine.

It’s a tough economy, job security is rare, and contracts can be short term. We get that. So, here we are again, reapplying for our job as Utah’s go-to source for intimate looks at artists, serious criticism and community discussion.

We’ve appreciated working with you over the past 11 years and think together we can still accomplish a great deal.

We’re suggesting a six month contract at $10,000.

We greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Our CV and Resume can be found here: www.15bytes.com


Thank you.
Shawn Rossiter
Editor, 15 Bytes

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  1. Here’s what gets me. New York has an art blog, not unlike 15 Bytes, but it’s privately assembled and highly idiosyncratic. 15 Bytes really has the interest of the Utah art scene at heart. Almost no state has something like that. The major magazines are all in it to serve commercial interests. Here in Utah, we have an online magazine like Dr. Barnes might have supported (If you don’t know who Dr Barnes is, check out “The Art of the Steal” on Netflix or Wikipedia) and apparently not enough art lovers realize what we’ve got.

    Let’s not end up regretting how the story went after it’s too late. Even small contributions make a difference.

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