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Unyielding Reprise by Simon Blundell

Unyielding Reprise-Prometheus by Simon Blundell

As we reported in the November edition of 15 Bytes, Simon Blundell recently took over as the 15 Bytes image editor. As you can see in this work, Simon comes to us with both a strong artistic  vision and powerful digital skills. His personal work artistic work is characterized by the type of layered collage qualities we see in “Unyielding Reprise-Prometheus.” Of his work, he says:

The modern view of technology, photography especially, is that through mechanical and technological devices of perception we will be able to have a clear and concise vision of the world. Photography sees beyond the human eye, seeing further. My work challenges this modern concept. My work is about a vision of time. Time for us is set in a linear narrative. We are born and we someday die. Both are distinct moments in the timeline of existence.
The images I create represent how we structure our lives in relation to memory and experience. The formal qualities of my work force a reexamination of time, in relation to perception. I am dismantling the structure and the importance of the single image, and resorting it though the technology of Photoshop, giving it a new structure . . .

You can view more of his fine art and commercial photography at

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