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The Year Was 2004 …

The year was 2004 … and 15 Bytes went silent.

Most art galleries and organizations last a couple of years before they give up or disappear. 15 Bytes lasted three.

But before we called it quits in August of 2004, we were keeping up with what was going on in Utah’s art scene:

Those of you who are old enough to remember the Crossroads Mall in Salt Lake City, may also remember the Mainly Art and The Art Is In galleries.

Jim Glenn was saying “Every school would have a public art piece…every rest area would have temporary public art installations…”

Derek Dyer wanted to get his hands on the Hansen Planetarium.

Laura Durham went to New Zealand to cover Utah art.

Our Artist Profiles celebrated three female artists:
Lenka Konopasek
Lori Nelson
Dana Costello

And we continued to cover exciting exhibitions by artists like Kent MilesStephanie St. Thomasinstallation art at BYUShawn HarrisDavid ChaplinBevan ChipmanJoe Carter and Paul HeathDoug Snow,

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