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The Salt Lake Gallery Association has long been a supporter of alternative fine art venues. Our By-Laws allow for three categories of membership:(1) Gallery member (2) Arts-Related Business (3) Sponsor.

Many people are familiar with our monthly Gallery Stroll event and are acquainted with the more high profile and established galleries. However, everyone who participates in Gallery Stroll may not be familiar with some of our alternative venue members.

These venues are an essential part of a healthy art community and strong cultural environment. We actually encourage alternative venues and recognize their place as an important venue for emerging and underserved artists.

Many artists have realized the frustrations of starting out on their career as fine artists only to find it very difficult to gain gallery representation without an exhibit track record. The alternatives venues help provide that opportunity.

The gallery association currently has five Arts Related Business members and sixteen sponsors, many of which exhibit art by local artists and are open during the Gallery Stroll.

3 W Gallery at W Communications, 159 W. 300 S., has a great gallery space and has exhibited some top-notch shows. They do a wonderful job with opening receptions, presentation and lighting. Contact Jennifer Shorter at 983-9266.

Ken Sanders Rare Books, 268 S. 200 E., has long been a strong supporter of local artists and has championed many emerging artists. Mayor Rocky Andersen was recently spotted hob-knobbing with the “In” crowd during Gallery Stroll at Ken Sanders. Contact Ken Sanders at 521-3819.

Object is a new exhibit space specializing in period art and technological artifacts. Located at 247 E. 900 S., the shop is well worth a visit. Contact Scott Striefel at 328-2306.

TRASA Urban Arts Collective, located in the historic Utah Pickle Company Building, 741 S. 400 W., is an alternative performance and fine art venue, producing some good alternative performance art and fine art exhibits since opening in 2002. Contact Kristina Robb at 450-8977.

Caffe Molise, 55 W. 100 S., often hangs art in the restaurant and is a strong supporter of the gallery association and local artists. Contact Fred Moesinger at 364-8833.

Martine Café’ & Tapas, 22 E. 100 S., has a wonderful little gallery space on the second level. The exhibits are curated and hung by Phillips Gallery and are always well presented and received. Contact Shawn Jacobsen at 363-9328.

Nostalgia, a coffee shop and gallery at 248 E. 100 S., has just joined the Salt Lake Gallery Association and has already proven their commitment to supporting local artists. Contact Kathryn Webb at 532-3225.

Visage Salon Studios, 2006 S. 900 E., is another new sponsor eager to support fine art and participate in the monthly Gallery Stroll. Their first Gallery Stroll exhibit on July 15 will feature abstract works by International artist Joan Duran. Duran is originally from Barcelona, Spain and has since lived in Belize and currently resides in Merida, Mexico. These works are powerful action paintings and are a must see for abstract art lovers. Contact Kacie Hersh at 860-4333.

YT Home Collection Gallery, 378 W. 300 S., is another association new bee. Owner Derek Groves designs original, one of a kind, custom furniture pieces, often inspired by his travels. YT also exhibits original paintings by contemporary artist Susan Plouzek. Contact Derek at 359-4098.

The Salt Lake Gallery Association invites you to participate in the monthly gallery strolls, the third Friday of every month and explore the wonderful world of alternative art venues and discover the next rising star of the emerging artist ranks.
Happy Strolling!
15 Bytes runs a feature entitle “Alternative Venue Spotlight” featuring non-gallery venues in Utah which display local artwork. Alternative Venues are a wonderful place for artists to begin showing their artwork. To aid in this, we have compiled a list of our Alternative Venue articles.

This article originally appeared in the July 2005 edition of 15 Bytes

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