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The Mystery Continues

The body found in Utah’s backcountry last year is not that of poet and artist Everett Ruess, the Associated Press reports today. DNA evidence has now show that the skeleton found in southern Utah is not related to the Ruess family. Which keeps alive the mystery of what happened to poetic explorer when he disappeared in 1934, and opens up a new one: whose remains were found last year?

Read the article in the Tribune.
Also, an article on Ruess appeared in our March 2008 edition.

The Tribune also has an article on Doug Snow, who died in a car accident on Tuesday.
Read it here.

Frank McEntire, a long-time friend of the artist who was visiting with him just this weekend, is preparing a tribute article for our November edition. If you have images of the artist and/or his work you’d like to share please email us at editor@artistsofutah.org

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