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The Illume Gallery of Fine Art

The Illume Gallery of Fine Art features a stable of internationally-known artists who were individually selected by gallery owner Jane Bell Meyer. “Our group of artists is encouraged to paint or sculpt art that is authentic and genuine, not influenced by commercialism or what might be a popular trend,” said Meyer. “In a way, we are creating a movement. We are promoting art that is not only created from a more honest place in the creator, but this art also resonates deeply with those who get to view and experience it,” she said.  Meyer designates the Illume Gallery artists as ‘Wise Hearted,’ a biblical reference that refers to the sharing of talents or good gifts for the betterment of mankind. “We believe art that is created in the ‘Wise Hearted’ space will live and breathe with light and joy,” she said.
Illume Gallery of Fine Art features sculpture, still life, figurative and landscape works by Steven Lee Adams, Joseph Alleman, Rett Ashby, Kenn Backhaus, Stephanie Birdsall, Brian Blood, Keith Bond, James C. Christensen, Joshua Clare Kathleen Dunphy, Annette Everett, Douglas Fryer, Linda Glover Gooch, Ben Hammond, David Koch, Jeff Legg, David Edward Linn, Kim Lordier, Michael Malm, Robert Marshall, Lori Putnam, Ron Rencher, J. Kirk Richards, Ron Richmond, Marty Ricks, Julie Rogers, Scott Rogers, Dave Santillanes, Bruce Hixson Smith, Gary Ernest Smith, Trevor Southey, Kate Starling, LeRoy Transfield, Kraig Varner and Christopher Young.
The Illume Gallery of Fine Art hosts several small group shows throughout the year.  It also provides workshops and seminars to artists and collectors. For more information on The Illume Gallery of Fine Art, please visit

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