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The Herb & Dorothy Show at Nox


Chameleon by Court Bennett

The group exhibition at Nox Contemporary provides perfect holiday fare: small works that make a large impact. The show’s title, The Herb & Dorothy Show, reflects the far-reaching impact of Herb and Dorothy Vogel, a New York City couple who collected art over their lifetime together, amassing a collection of almost 5,000 works they displayed and stored in their one-bedroom apartment. One take away message: one needn’t be rich to own art. The nine artists in Nox’s group show provide almost sixty works collectively to choose from, to either enjoy in the gallery or to acquire.

If I were going to designate a sub-theme for this exhibition, it would somehow reflect the natural world, as the environment provides inspiration for many of the works. Sculptors Beth Krensky and Court Bennett both feature egg/ovoid shaped works, beautifully working in their signature materials (bronze; mixed media). Colour Maisch presents small ecosystems from porcelain and other materials, including snow fungus. Christine Baczek’s framed photographs are in her signature style as horizontal filmstrips, providing structure for ensuing landscape images. Reclaimed Sentiment creates layered meanings by collaging images of Alexander Calder mobiles atop nostalgic landscape paintings. Along with these five artists, the show includes exquisite and collectible small works by Nox owner/director John Sproul, Thomas Aaron, Laura Sharp Wilson, and Robin Ward. If your budget doesn’t allow for the acquisition of art, you can enjoy the art for free in the gallery, through January 4, 2013.

Nox Contemporary is located on 440 S. 400 W. in Suite H. They are open Wednesday – Friday from noon to 5 pm.

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