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The Gospel According to Ralphael

For nearly 50 years, Ralphael Plescia has been making religious art to explore the story of creation in his private museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His project has one overriding vision: to tell the story of Biblical creation in the right way by restoring characters and tales lost to history. The sculptures and paintings are not within the rooms, but are a part of them. Underground tunnels have been hollowed out to make space for Hell and the Garden of Eden. Narrow pathways and bridges traverse groundwater bubbling up from below.

He believes the building has a 98% of being bulldozed when he dies, but that knowledge does not stop him from working every day to complete his life’s work.

Directed by
Travis Low and Torben Bernhard

Produced by
OHO Media (ohomedia.com)
15 Bytes (artistsofutah.org)
VideoWest (videowest.kuer.org)

Cinematography and Color
Torben Bernhard

Sound Design and Mixing
Travis Low

Story Production and Editing
Marissa Lila
with Torben Bernhard and Travis Low


You’ll find a discussion of the film as well as Ralphael’s project at KUER’s RadioWest.

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