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Tess Cook

Tess Cook


Tess Cook was born in Salt City, Utah 1989. She received her BFA from the University of Utah 2012.She was also awarded the Howard Clark Scholarship while attending the University. She has exhibited work at Williams Fine Art Gallery, Gittens Gallery,and at the home of the president of the University of Utah. Currently living and working in Salt Lake City.

Artist Statement

These paintings are part of a series of delectable hybrids derived from food based puns. This is my attempt to create a food that entices and repels at the same time. It represents different relationships and beliefs that we can have about and towards food.

Artist Images

Rhubarb Delicatessen Delicacy, 18X18, Oil on Panel


Strawberry Delicatessen Delicacy, 18×18, Oil on Panel


Cherry Lime Delicatessen Delicacy, 10X10, Oil on Panel


Chocolate Delicatessen Delicacy, 18X18, Oil on Panel


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