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The Visible and the Implicit in Modern West Landscape Show

Out There includes 17 artists, most of whom will be familiar to Modern West’s regulars. They all appear frequently, and most have some work in the collection, giving their audience a chance to witness their gradual, and occasionally sudden evolution. Two themes that made for new work were the ongoing environmental crisis, which has only grown worse while almost nothing is done by those who could and ought to help, and the pandemic, with its associated social isolation and continuing controversy, in spite of mortality remaining high. 

Visual Arts

Instantly Framed

Early last fall Shalee Cooper, who was then working as our Image Editor, told us she had found a full-time business opportunity and would have to step down from her responsibilities at 15 Bytes. She had spent two years transforming the look of our magazine, so we were […]

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The Heel Toe Project

Over the past seven years Cooper has collected twenty-five pairs of used cowboy boots. By buying used Cooper keeps her environmental impact low, but that doesn’t explain the “obsession” that began with a single pair of boots. “When I bought my first pair, I felt more confident when […]