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If You Really Wanted to Get Me Something … SaltGrass Printmakers & Modern West

Since losing a print in Santa Fe seven years ago (a single print by a Russian artist; it disappeared after being left at the foot of a bench, across from an art museum), I always feel a pang of pleasure/sadness/delight when I see a framed print on any wall. There it is, I think, made it to its destination. Where it should be. 
If you go to SaltGrass Printmakers (412 South 700 West), you can find one. 

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Painting The Painted: Kevin Red Star at Modern West Fine Art

Kevin Red Star’s paintings at Modern West Fine Art give the immediate impression of no-nonsense stability and strength. Their compositions—featuring mounted Crow warriors, tipis against starry skies, or profiles of chiefs in traditional costume—are balanced and deliberate. Most shapes are fully delineated. The predominant colors are subtle, earthy […]