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Susan N. Jarvis

Where most people would see a carton of eggs, oil painter Susan N. Jarvis sees a story, brimming with life and meaning. Her stunning work conveys these stories visually through vibrant colors and rich textures.

Born and raised in Utah, Jarvis expressed her artistic tendencies early. As a two year old, she created her first masterpiece in red lipstick on her mother’s white chenille bedspread. While it didn’t quite receive the praise the young artist hoped for, Jarvis persisted in developing her interest in the arts. Now she paints in a contemporary style, presenting her still life with a nontraditional view.

Jarvis’ work has been published in Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Utah Music & Arts, and Artists of Utah. Thirteen of her works are hanging in the Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute permanent collection.

Susan also is a member of Women Artists of the West (WAOW), Oil Painters of America (OPA), American Women Artists (AWA), and Utah Artists.






Gallery: William A Karges Fine Art


“I’ll Take A Dozen,” 30 x 30 in., oil on panel


“Sea Treasure” 24 x 24 in., oil on panel


“Syrup and Butter,” 10 x 10 in., oil on panel


“The Gathering” 12 x 12 in., oil on panel


“Toasted” 36 x 36 in., oil on panel


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