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Sunny Taylor @ BYU


by Chris Cutri

BYU professor of art Sunny Belliston Taylor likes shapes. For the past decade she has built an increasingly sophisticated body of work that explores the “objecthood” of painting. Her abstracted paintings make overt references to their own structure, to the boundaries of the panel’s dimensions, the geometric building blocks of her compositions. Boundaries, her exhibition at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library Auditorium Gallery in Provo, features a number of her current explorations. In this video piece, filmmaker Chris Cutri visits Taylor in her Provo home to discuss life, art and the nature of form.



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  1. I first encountered the paintings of Sunny Belliston Taylor at the CUAC in Ephraim back in the aughts. At that time, they were larger and more conventional, as though she’d seen the kind of three-dimensional objects she now produces in a vision, and painted portraits of them in space. Since then, she seems almost to have brought those objects out of the rectangular canvas and hung them directly on the wall.The results are stunning, integrally worth looking at, and self-refreshing. It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of seeing them. The video allows her to speak to viewers beyond the lucky few who will meet her in person, and to quietly, modestly explain her wish that they be taken in directly through the viewers sensory apparatus and physiological responses, in particular ones feelings, without mediation through some theory about what they mean, represent, or intend — in short, without reference to anything that isn’t actually there. Filmmaker and artist collaborate splendidly here, supporting each other’s eloquence.

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