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Stacy Tonozzi

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I have always considered myself as being a Utah native. I was raised in the mid-eastern part of Utah and have spent most of my life in this beautiful state. I love the scenery of Utah so much, that my parents finally bought me my first camera when I was only eight, just so I could take pictures of the red rocks and the desert wildflowers that I so love. From that moment on, I have had to fuel a flame that continues to spark in creative photography, alternative mixed media and contemporary art

My passion, inspiration and desire for photography have connected me to art in a way that is not explainable in words. I can only show others through the lens of my camera, how I see and feel about the world that I live in today.

I have a strong educational background in photography and fine art, which has allowed me to explore my creativity and master the alternative photographic processes. Unlocking a new world of art, filled with textures and depth, color, exploration, imagination, and freedom!

The purpose of my art is to take the viewer to a multidimensional setting, which excites the mind with adventure and diversity. Where energy is transformed and altered into a deeper sense of spiritual awareness, helping you realize that a tree is not just a tree, but a complex image defying the passing of time, space functionality, symmetry, and yet retains its original purpose and purity of being simple a tree.

I enjoy specializing in mixed media design using an alternative process to develop an art form, that is not only unique, but is highly desirable for those enthusiast’ that are looking for a piece of art that makes a statement in today’s world.




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