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Something Bad is Happening Matt Glass and the Apocalypse

Matt Glass‘ photographs, as slick and polished as a Nike ad, are out of place in a contemporary scene dominated by plastic cameras, cell phone imagery and out-of-focus close-ups. But it is precisely the juxtaposition of his finely crafted scenes with their unsettling and surrealistic subject matter the Ogden artist’s work memorable.

Over the next two months Glass is showing his work in four different exhibitions, in Salt Lake and Ogden. His two large, apocalyptic photographs, “Doubting Thomas” and “St. Francis,” (see video below) are the first things visitors see at Artists of Utah’s 35 x 35 exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery (which closes this Friday, November 6). They are part of a larger suite of related photographs that will be on display at Ogden’s Universe City in December. This month the same gallery will include his pieces in a group exhibition of small works that opens on Friday, November 6. Finally, another series of photographs,¬†Examples of Absurdity, is currently on display at Salt Lake’s galleryUAF through November 13.

In this video interview, shot in October in conjunction with the 35 x 35 exhibit, and part of Artists of Utah’s film WORKZONE, Glass explains the process and meaning of his work.


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