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Some Love From The Trib — 35×35

Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune

Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune

Kathy Adams from the Trib was nice enough to do an article on our 35 x 35 show opening tonight. Kathy Adams? That’s right, she usually writes on dance.  But since we’ve got Ashley’s Anderson’s performance piece going on downstairs (a couple of times during the opening) I guess it’s more than appropriate that a dance writer should take an interest in what’s going on at 35×35. Trib photographer Chris Detrick came in to get some great shots (and to tell you the truth he was having such a good time we kind of had to nudge him out the door — “hey Chris, stop admiring Sarah Thomas’s guillotine, there might be a building burning down somewhere that you need to shoot”).

We won’t be nudging you out the door tonight (at least not until 8:30 or so). In fact, we’re going to set up refreshments (and our new t-shirts) downstairs — both so they won’t get in the way of the work, but also to encourage everyone to hang out and chat. We’ll even have some chairs up.
So, we’ll see you tonight, 6-8 pm at Finch Lane Gallery (54 Finch Lane, in Resevoir Park).

And check out the Trib article here.

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