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Shari Lyon, a Few of Her Favorite Things

Shari Lyon is an encaustic artist who paints with beeswax and damar resin in her American Fork studio. She also incorporates the use of oil paints, pan pastels, oil sticks, photography, and drawings. She says the dreamy, ethereal image with texture and appeal, is unlike any other art form. Shari is often drawn to the imagery and symbolism of trees, but she often plays with other themes that are important to her as well, such as beautiful loose landscapes. Together with her husband, who is also an artist, she loves to support and mentor young or emerging artists. 

You can meet Shari and Howard Lyon and tour their studio this Saturday, November 20th. From 2-8pm. Check www.utahmastersfineart.com for details.

Is there a piece of art in your house growing up that sticks in your mind?
My room in high school was filled with Nagel posters. (I was an 80’s child….)

If you could choose one person to paint or sculpt your portrait who would it be?
I would love a portrait sculpture from Ben Hammond or Tyson Snow any day! Both are very good friends and sculpt with a very beautiful delicacy that I would love to translate into my portrait. And also… good friends would hopefully give a little discount. 😉

What is your favorite building in Utah?
The Cathedral of the Madeleine in SLC. I love all cathedrals, it’s one of my favorite thing to visit everywhere we travel to. They tell such stories, and each have a very special feel about them. Not to mention they are usually filled with amazing art, stained glass and ornate decorations.

What is the most memorable exhibit you’ve seen recently?
A Mucha exhibit in Italy (just happened upon it). We travel to Italy often, some years up to 3 times a year. It is a very special place for my husband and me. We also take tours to Italy and lead group travels there. One of our favorite thing to do is just wander places that we’ve never been to. That is how we found the Mucha exhibit. It was so fun! Italians love art, I think they appreciate anything beautiful, but I’m sure they do love the Italian artists the most. And we certainly get our fill of Italian art when we visit. It’s so much of why we return often!

What is the last artistic thing you created yourself?
Many encaustic paintings this month! Come see them this Saturday: http://www.utahmastersfineart.com/

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