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Scout Invie

Scout Invie is a interdisciplinary artist based in the American West. She is the recipient of the 2023 Alfred Lambourne Visual Arts Prize for artwork about Great Salt Lake, and also a recipient of a 2022 Tier II Artist Career Empowerment Grant from Salt Lake City Arts Council. Her work has been exhibited at Jewett Center for the Performing Arts, the 801 Salon, and recently has been presented at Material Contemporary in Salt Lake City. Working mainly in knit, sewn, and fiber mediums, she incorporates performance and prose in her work to highlight the changing West—a morphing climate, an unraveling and interwoven home.

In arid environments, systems of organisms like lichen, cryptobiotic soil, and microbialites sustain life. They spread with slow force, break, and deteriorate easily with climate changes—and yet they continue adapting and evolving. During recent projects, I have been most interested in the slow energy of resilience in the arid environments that I live within. For me, the process of woolgathering and felting mirrors these natural systems. With environmental changes, the state of a fiber’s PH changes. Weathering fiber through friction and movement creates form. This slow-growing structure of expanding and shrinking fiber is strange, fragile, flexible, destructible, and malleable. In my body of fiber work, I primarily think and create about the interconnectedness of water and ecosystems in the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. I work to address my connection to this place through my own cycles of grief, heartbreak, and anxiety. My process takes place entirely within these vast, linked systems. Ultimately, I want to elevate an understanding of remarkable and misunderstood ecosystems, and the loss of life due to climate change that is happening here, in this place of gradual ecosystem collapse.



Scout Invie, “Viriditas,” 2023, wool, 84 x 156 x 1 in.

Scout Invie, “Shrinking Lake,” 2022, wool, Interdisciplinary, 42 x 16 x 2


Scout Invie, “Facets,” 2021, wool, 96 x 16 x 2 in.


Scout Invie, “Wildfire,” 2020, wool, Interdisciplinary, 16 x 16 x 2 in.


Scout Invie, “Holy Cow,” 2020, wool, interdisciplinary, 36 x 20 in.

Scout Invie, “Home on the Range,” 2020, wool, interdisciplinary, 36 x 20 in.


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