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Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas


Sarah Thomas was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in October 1979. She was raised in the Air Force and spent the majority of her childhood in Misawa, Japan. As Sarah moved from state to state with her military family, she learned to adapt to different communities and cultures and found beauty in the world surrounding her. An interesting fact about Sarah is that everywhere she has moved, natural disaster has seemed to follow. She has lived through hundreds of earthquakes in Japan and Washington, two tornado’s in Alabama and Utah, two floods in Alabama and Utah, a volcano eruption in Oregon and a hurricane in Texas. She crosses her fingers every day that the natural disaster streak following her arrival has come to an end. Currently, Sarah is a sophomore in the College of Fine Arts Sculpture and Intermedia program at the University of Utah and is thrilled to be there.

Artist Statement

My work defines human interaction with gender identity and the body. Much of the physical content of my work comes from taking masculine objects and redefining them as feminine through use of material, color and texture. I tend to choose objects that have a stark emotional and universally negative attachment to them and treat them as nonsensical, nonfunctional objects of comfort and beauty. In doing so, I want viewers to experience my work as a perplexing and thought provoking tool to extend the reality of the object to the individual within the identity of history and culture. My work also captures the pivotal breaking point individuals experience when forced beyond rational thought and into primal action of survival, capturing the frozen moments when the body loses consciousness of identity.


Artist Images

The Baggage of Me, 6′ x 3′, photograph,found object suitcase, clothing and oreo cookies.

Gas Mask, 12″ x 12″ x 8″, bronze and fabric.

Guillotine, 7′ x 3′ x 4′, fabric, faux fur, batting.

The Wall (full corner wall shot), size and medium listed in Image 1.

The Wall (close up), 2’x 2’x 6′ (corner wall),dry wall, plaster, rope, sheet metal.



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