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University of Utah College of Science: Life of Tree Returns to Life in the College of Science

Few people know that Utah is an art-hungry, art-friendly state. It sports the first state arts council, dating back to 1899, three short years after statehood;  more pianos per capita than anywhere else; literary and performing arts and, more to the point here, visual arts. In 1985, the Utah State Legislature passed the Utah Percent-for-Art Act  which designates 1% of construction costs of new and/or renovated state public buildings to be added to the project for the purpose of commissioning, maintaining and conserving site-specific art at, on, or in the facility. The collection includes a broad range of media from textiles and glass to stone and metal monumental works, and in the lobby of the Crocker Science Center it’s art that moves in a compelling manner that may surprise you.


8/30 SOUTHWEST CONTEMPORARY: Kheng Lim and Colour Maisch Team Up at Bountiful Davis Art Center

An artist’s chosen medium reveals much about their artistic philosophy and provides tantalizing clues about the labor and dedication to their chosen craft. While painting carries a storied and culturally rich history, mixed media has in the last century or so challenged preconceived notions of art—namely the cultural preoccupation with beauty and narrative realism.

In an exhibition entitled Inexorable Truth, artists Kheng Lim and Colour Maisch utilize drastically distinct mediums to defy expectations of painting and sculpture respectively. Lim’s paintings pair with Maisch’s multimedia sculptures to demonstrate the visual power of artistic labor, and how the materiality of a given medium betrays the aesthetic decisions the artist took to arrive at the finished work.




8/29 Bold Journey: Meet Nuha Moretz

… Creativity for me comes from within and from my surroundings. It’s letting my heart and hands engage with the materials to express feelings, memories, and my conscious and subconscious thoughts. I draw inspiration from everything around me, nature, my travels and my love for colors and patterns. Certainly, there is so much beauty around us, we just need to pause to take note! …




8/26 KSL News: A Utah artist’s relocations: Navigating life’s volcanoes through art

Samantha DaSilva infuses her art with a pretty concrete sense of place – specifically, dirt, sawdust, and salt.


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  1. If one goes to the top of the site and types “Samantha daSilva” into the search engine, it will be seen how busy this remarkable, let’s say unique, artist has been in Utah . . . and how closely 15 Bytes has followed her. Don’t ignore the video above, which touches on some of the places she’s additionally been. How about being chased off the big island by a volcano, only to return and settle on Maui . . . in Lahaina? Is there’s something in there about frying pans and fires? Is it the life that’s charmed, or we who share it?

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