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Salt Lake City’s Shirley Ririe


eIt’s a cross between the Salt Lake Library and the New Museum of Natural History. I love the architecture of the library and go there every week or two, and I feel like it’s my library. I’m so proud of it.


eA painting by Kathy Wilson. It’s an early painting which I like because it’s a little more simplistic. She gotten more and more complex. I don’t know what the title is, but it’s a winter scene. I knew Kathy and always wanted one of her works. I ended up buying it at a bank sale that my son-in-law told me about.


eMy grandfather was a painter — Joseph Franklin Russon. He was a painter in Utah in the early 1900’s and an art teacher as well. I really treasured those paintings. My parents were depression people, and they didn’t have a lot — but I didn’t know that. I thought we were wealthy. One of them was of sunflowers and one was an aspen grove. I think my brother got both of them from my mother when she died, so I didn’t end up with either one of them.

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