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Ryan Akerley

A landscape painter, based in SLC, Ryan Akerley has explored the mountains as a skier and hiker since he was a child. Taking awe and inspiration from the natural world, Akerley translates the feelings and emotions of the land, presenting this experience for the audience. Blurred and distorted images blend into collective memories of our world.
Receiving his art education from the University of Utah, Akerley has progressed to show at many galleries throughout Utah, including Julie Nester Gallery, The Rio Gallery, and 15th Street Gallery.

Artist Statement
This body of work is a collection of landscape paintings that are recognizable, and simultaneously non-specific. They begin with realistic images painted in oils, and are then blurred and distorted to create something new. Providing a path of visual and sensory information, the viewer is prompted to probe their mind and recall personal memories. The viewing experience becomes a collaboration between the painting and these past memories. The ambiguous nature of the paintings enables them to be generalized to a variety of viewpoints, and translated uniquely by the audience. The play between representation and distortion mimics the quality and fleetingness of the memories we store. Accessing these thoughts and experiences it reminds the viewer of the importance of events in our lives. It is essential as a human to be present and mindful of each moment, for it will soon only be a memory.







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