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Reclamation Projects: Carol Berrey and Simon Blundell at the BDAC


All of us — well, most of us — have become conscientious recyclers, making sure to set aside our plastic bottles and aluminum cans so they can be turned into bicycles, or our cardboard and paper products so they can, well, be turned back into paper and cardboard. But Carol Berrey, now showing at the Bountiful/Davis Art Center’s (BDAC) Underground Gallery, scavenges for paper so she can return it to its source—trees. Metaphoric trees, that is, artistic representations created with cardboard and other reclaimed paper, as well as found objects and spray paint. With the same materials, Berrey creates abstracted sculptures of a modernist bent whose delicate nature is belied by their seeming durability. She shares the BDAC space with Simon Blundell, whose photographic aesthetic seems miles apart from Berrey’s — in his seamlessly layered digital photographs, Blundell embraces the ubiquitous technological filter of perception that is the camera. But his images are a reclamation project of their own, attempting to explore the fragmented and fleeting nature of memory…


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