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Plenty of Goldfish Were Harmed in the Making of This Post

You may wonder how we come up with our fundraising campaigns.

Because, some of them are pure gold, right?

Like the whole “if the Huntsmans can’t afford to pay for arts coverage how can we?” from last fall (for those of you wondering, we were finally able to fix the suspension on the 15 Bytes-mobile, our beloved 2001 Mazda Protege; the muffler, however, is in bad shape).

Do we do market research or hire out a big ad agency? Nope. Every six months we get desperate. And desperation breeds creativity.

We sit around a table and brainstorm. A snack helps. This time around it was Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snack crackers. Hence the theme of our campaign.

Why the goldfish? The goldfish has a notoriously short attention span – 9 seconds. More notorious is modern homo sapiens – 8 seconds some recent studies say.

We don’t buy that. Or buy into it. We think you want deep, rich experiences. Not the kind that only last 8 seconds. Which is what we bring you with our 15 Bytes coverage. The type of coverage that doesn’t just look at art, but looks into it, that asks it questions and gives it context – that knows what was happening in Utah or an artist’s studio 10 years ago -because we covered it – and (with your help) will be here 10 years from now to see where that art has gone.


Click here to support our Goldfish campaign to keep 15 Bytes going for another 6 months.


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