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A Passion for Art and Letters. And Cats: Remembering Pat Eddington


Pat Eddington, 63, a Salt Lake City artist and much-honored teacher, died March 26 at University Hospital following a sudden illness. An artist with a distinctive visual style who had an expansive impact on our community, he was also a man consumed with teaching, with the world of rare books, numbered prints and the incredible cats he so loved to portray…


We remember Pat Eddington in the April 2016 edition of 15 Bytes.


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  1. In the Summer of 1971 I was at the weekly salon of Dave Faggioli when a tall erudite man was there speaking of things esoteric to my ears and I was mesmerized. It was Pat Eddington. It was Pat who later steered me to the “Guthrie” where we were studio neighbors for twenty years. So many discussions of politics, music, art, music, literature and music. Pat was always generous with his time and told stories that were better than anyone else’s.
    Pat mentored my son at Highland and I know that he truly enjoyed his students. I miss Pat and I know that the world is worse off for having lost his presence.

    Thank you Ann for this tribute

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