NOVA Chamber Music Series presents “An Afternoon of Serenades” including a premiere by Morris Rosenzweig.

NOVA Chamber Music Series always curates a thoughtful program for their concerts. The composers they compile always relate to one another when it comes to the works being performed. This Sunday afternoon, their musicians will perform a selection of serenades by Mozart, Brahms and a string trio by Morris Rosenzweig (click here for an artist profile from our February 2013 edition).


Rosenzweig describes his intentions with this new work: “In composing this work I intended to write a quickly moving network of interconnected episodes, each of various lengths and types that all contribute to the whole structure. Although not a conscious inspiration, this is a similar approach noticeable in certain paintings by Klee and many other artists, as well as in the work of countless filmmakers, for example.”

Mozart’s Divertimento in E-flat, K. 563 was composed in September of 1788 and is one of Mozart’s few works in the divertimento/serenade vein not commissioned for a specific occasion.

Brahms composed his first purely orchestral work, the Serenade in D Major Opus 11, at the age of 25; but like many large-scale works of this period, Brahms reworked the piece several times. Because NOVA focuses on chamber music, they will present the nonet version (for nine musicians) rather than the more widely performed full orchestra version.

Artistic Director Jason Hardink (nominated for one of Utah’s 15 Most Influential Artists), along with two of the performers Brant Bayless and Anne Francis Bayless recorded a short podcast that gives some insights for what you will hear on Sunday:

soundcloud screenshot

Performers include:

Kathryn Eberle | violin
Brant Bayless | viola
Anne Francis Bayless | cello
Corbin Johnston | double bass
Caitlyn Valovick Moore | flute
Lee Livengood, Erin Svoboda | clarinet
Lori Wike | bassoon
Ronald Beitel | horn
An Afternoon of Serenades:
Sunday, March 1, 2015 | 3:00 PM
Libby Gardner Concert Hall
(1375 E Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City)
Tickets available at
(admission for U of U students is always free)


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