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Natalie Kirk

Natalie received her BFA from the University of Utah and her MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a visual artist, Natalie is devoted to the medium of photography as a visual language. Growing up in a conservative environment, she’s learned to communicate about controversial topics while remaining silent; working under this theme, she has broadened her perspective and interest in visual art as language for changing perspective on social issues involving women’s rights and gender.

Artist Statement

“The glass of the windshield hides nothing, and like an open window, anyone is the audience. You don’t notice the others and they don’t notice you – They judge only your vehicle; the extension of self. It behaves as you tell it and you’re assessed by its behavior. But when traffic stops– either a jam or a red light — it no longer conceals you. You, the puppeteer, are exposed to the eyes all around. A red light is intermission. The engagement with others through our vehicular avatar ceases; introspection begins, water breaks are taken, and hair and makeup are touched up. During intermission is when I saw you behind me in the mirror, realizing that here we show ourselves completely unscripted. You don’t know I’m watching, and in that moment, I feel connection. This series is for you, this series is for loneliness, this series is for the self-unscripted.”



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